DIY Santa Skull Ornaments


These are pretty easy to make.

What You Need:

Wood Slices (You can buy these at craft stores)

Acrylic Paints in White, Black, Red, and Green 

Clear Polycrylic

Fine Point Paint Brushes 

Drill and Small Drill Bit

String or Wire

How To Make Them: 

Grab your wood slices and determine where your top will be.

Drill a small hole in the top center of your wood. This is where you will put wire or string for hanging the ornament. I always drill first because if you want until your painting is done you can mess up your paint. Sometimes the wood may split and that could ruin all your work. So always drill first.

If you plan to have a background color paint that first. I usually leave the outer ring of the tree and bark visible.

Once your background is dry paint a skull shape. Doesn't have to be perfect, make it fun.

Once skully is dry you can add the Santa hat. Start with the red area, let that dry then add the white fluffy parts.

Add your skull face last. 

Once your paint is dry, clear coat with a clear polycrylic to seal your design.

Wait for the clear coat to dry then add your string and hang your ornament on your Creepmas Tree.

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