Michigan's Most Haunted Bridges - Fallasburg Covered Bridge in Lowell #hauntedbridges

Fallasburg Bridge stretches 100 feet long and stands 14 feet wide and 12 feet high crossing the Flat River south of White’s Bridge and about 5 miles north of Lowell. It is one of only three covered bridges still open to vehicle traffic in Michigan.

John W. and Silas S. Fallas settled in the area creating Fallasburg in 1837. One, maybe two, other bridges were built in the area but destroyed by ice jams.

The Fallasburg Bridge was built in 1871 by Jared N. Bresee who also built the Ada Bridge and White’s Bridge.

The Fallasburg Covered Bridge was listed with the Michigan State Register on February 12, 1959, awarded a Michigan Historical Marker on September 10, 1971, and listed with the National Register on March 16, 1972. The bridge lies within the Fallasburg Historic District which was designated on March 31, 1999.

The historical marker at the site reads:

John W. and Silas S. Fallas settled here in 1837, founded a village which soon boasted a chair factory, sawmill, and gristmill. About 1840 the first of several wooden bridges was placed across the Flat River, but all succumbed in a short time to high water and massive spring ice jams. Bridge builder Jared N. Bresee of Ada was given a contract in 1871 to build the present structure. Constructed at a cost of $1500, the bridge has lattice work trusses made of white pine timbers. As in all covered bridges, the roof and siding serve to protect the bridge timbers from rot. Repairs in 1905 and 1945 have kept the bridge safe for traffic for one hundred years.
Now the bridge is part of the Historic Fallasburg Village, which was a “bustling nineteenth-century village until the railroad era.” It is now open to visitors on Sundays May- October.

Crossing the bridge into the village is like going through a time tunnel.

The village features a one-room schoolhouse, cemetery, the Fallas House and Misner House museums, and the Orlin Douglass/Tower Farm which takes you back in time.

The most popular haunting tale is of a pale man who is seen wandering the bridge. Sadness exudes from him. He is thought to be the apparition of a man who committed suicide by jumping off the bridge.

There are many to have claimed to hear ghostly voices or see apparitions of people who are there then they aren’t.

The story of the White’s Bridge witch is sometimes attributed to the Fallasburg Bridge.

The village is full of spooky activity. In 2018 the Michigan Paranormal Alliance conducted a public ghost hunt and spooked themselves. In the schoolhouse, the distinct thump, thump, thump sound of feet moving near the desks was heard along with a loud bang from the storage room. Their meters showcased quite a bit of activity at the Misner House while hunters using divining rods encountered a lot of activity at the cemetery.

"In the Misner house we've had several members actually physically touched and on audio, on our recorders, we've captured footsteps so those were the tangible things."

"Down at the Tower house, we have other sensitives on the team as well, and we basically got impressions of the people that had been there before. I always go into a location blind, so I don't know anything, and the information we got, Tina with the society was able to confirm that information."


  1. Haunted or not - that is one beautiful bridge.

    1. It really is. Michigan has several covered bridges. I'm on a mission to see visit them all.