Michigan's Most Haunted Bridges - White’s Bridge in Keene Township #hauntedbridges

White’s Bridge was a beautiful Brown Truss covered bridge in Keene Township, near Smyrna Michigan on the Flat River.

Built in 1869, White’s Bridge was the third to be built in that location.

The original bridge was built in 1840 by Levi T. White and his sons. It was a rustic corduroy bridge made of logs.  A second bridge, built around 1856, was condemned in the early spring thaw of 1866 after being damaged by jammed up ice.

The residents contracted with Jared N. Bresee, builder of the Fallasburg Bridge, and J.N. Walker to build the covered truss bridge.  It was built in just 84 days with the help of horses and oxen. It was named after the White family who built the first bridge in that location known as White’s Crossing.

Soon after the bridge was built there were whisperings that a witch was at work in the area. An angry mob descended on her, dragged her to the bridge, and hung her.

The bridge was listed with the Michigan State Register on February 17, 1965. It was awarded a Michigan Historical Marker on July 2, 1965.

By Lar 

Other than needing an occasional siding or cedar roof shingle replacement, White's Bridge retained its original form and structure. It was the oldest covered bridge still using parts of the original structure in Michigan until July 7, 2013 when it was destroyed by fire. The cause was determined to be arson.

Throughout the years many people have claimed to see her ghost on the bridge. Some suffered from sudden feelings of nausea, others claimed to have felt like they were being watched. A few even claimed to see her specter swinging from the rafters.

According to a commenter on GhostsofAmerica.com there is also an urban legend that a man killed his wife, children, and two friends under the historic bridge with a chainsaw and claimed that if you drove onto the bridge, put the car in neutral and turn it off, their spirits will move your car across the bridge.

The Whites Bridge Historical Society and Kent County Road Commission raised money for a replica bridge to replace the one lost to fire. A $350,000 Michigan Enhancement Grant was secured by State Senator Mike Nofs in 2017 but after 6 years the bridge was still not rebuilt.  The Michigan Department of Transportation Local Bridge Fund contributed a large amount and they finally got the green light to move forward with building the new bridge but weather caused delays. 

Photo by John Lindgren 

The new bridge was completed in April 2020.

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  1. As I just visited this bridge in the evening. My boyfriend, and I decided to walk across it. As we were walking, and I made a little distance in front of him, and he states " you know this bridge is haunted, Right?". I giggled, because I don't believe in stuff like that. Well I stopped, and heard a lady scream from what came from underneath the bridge, and my heart stopped. My boyfriend, and I turned towards my trucks as we were both in shook.