Michigan's Most Haunted Bridges - Puttygut Bridge in China Township #hauntedbridges

One story about the bridge involves a truck driver who died when his truck washed away during a spring flood. Some versions claim he was drunk and on his way home from the bar and didn’t realize the bridge was flooded until it was too late, he drove right into the water and the truck washed away.

Urban legends claim that if you stop on the bridge and put you keys on top of the car the ghost of a man who was killed on the bridge will come to your vehicle. Another version says that you should roll down your window and put your keys on the top of the vehicle you'll hear a splash and see the dead driver. The best time to do this is rumored to be between 2-3 AM.

Sometimes the ghostly figure will simply walk across the bridge, other times he’ll crawl out of the Belle River below.

People swear they have seen both scenarios play out.

But what most people claim to see is a ghostly light. Michigan’s Otherside author Amberrose Hammond investigated in the summer of 2005 and she seen the light, along with most of her crew. All but one spotted a strange perfectly round light off in the distance moving around. One second it was there, then it was gone. They tried to find a source, then tried to recreate it to see if it could have been headlights but they had no explanation. 

A commenter on her post claims to have visited in 2010 a couple times. The first time she experienced a vision of something human shaped walking on the water followed by a glowing light in the distance. The next time she didn’t hear anything but heard splashing in the water.

The Puttygut Bridge is just west of the intersection of Puttygut and McKinley Roads about seven miles southwest of St. Clair.

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