Michigan's Most Haunted Bridges - Dice Road Bridge in Hemlock #hauntedbridges

Wizards, murderers, ghosts, and Satanic rituals…this area has quite a few wild and weird urban legends attached to it.

The original bridge was replaced in 2003 with the one currently there.  The first bridge had overhanging steel trusses, where the new bridge is a simple modern structure that crosses the Whitmore Drain.

Dice Road has been labeled Michigan’s most cursed road. Along a 13 mile stretch of Dice Road there is a cemetery, a house and a general store all rumored to be haunted.  These locations are covered in depth in the films A Haunting on Dice Road: The Hell House and A Haunting on Dice Road 2: Town of the Dead.

Retired Saginaw County sheriff, Charles Frisby, sums up Dice Road as weird. "This Dice Road corridor is kind of strange, we have the cemetery on one end and the Pomeraning home up the road."

Michigan Monster Hunting reported seeing creatures in the field by the radio tower next to the bridge and in a video on youtube they communicate with spirits under the bridge.

The Dice Road Cemetery has a Lady in White, thought to be Anna Rhodes, who went mad waiting for her husband to come home. She committed suicide after learning that his ship had sunk. Anna hung herself from a rafter of a small shed near the back of the Dice Road Cemetery in 1830. When she was a child the area had been an Indian Burial ground where she had played with her beloved friend Dark Hawk as a child. Less than a month after Anna’s burial, her husband Jonathan returned home. The ship had not sunk, it had just been delayed. Jonathan’s grief was unbearable. He blamed himself for her death. He lived with guilt for the rest of his life. He never remarried and lived alone until his death in 1879. He claimed that Anna visited him in the woods near the shed.  He was shunned by the townsfolk who believed communing with the dead was the devil’s work.

One legend about the bridge claims that three girls offended a wizard after they accidentally trampled on his wife’s grave. His revenge was hanging them off the bridge. Another version of the story is that two girls spent the evening hanging out in the cemetery, sometime during the night an unknown man appeared and murdered them. In the morning the girls were found hanging from the bridge.

Many people have claimed to hear screams coming from on and under the bridge. People have seen strange lights bobbing around and feel a presence as they cross the bridge. A phantom car is known to cruise down the road and disappear when it gets close to you.
Many have suddenly had car trouble on the bridge or in hotspots along Dice Road. 
Headlights dim and go out. Cars stall. Other vehicles fail to start. Electonics stop working. Phones, cameras, and recording devices with full batteries suddenly go dead.

Other whispered legends include someone named Crazy Larry roaming Dice Road and rumors that Satanic rituals took place in the cemetery. These creepy legends  keep thrill seekers coming to the area to see what they can find.

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