Michigan's Most Haunted Bridges - Crawford Road Bridge in Cass City #hauntedbridges

The Crawford Road Bridge over Big Creek Drain was built in 1917. Only the truss webs from this bridge survive as decorative railings.

The source of this old legend appears to be a buggy accident in the 19th century. A woman was crossing the bridge when the wheel slipped off the side of the bridge causing her buggy to flip over in the water where she was trapped and drowned.

Now people sometimes claim to hear the anguished cries of a woman begging for help, or even more terrifying, some have claimed to see a soaking wet women in 19th century attire climb over the side of the bridge and come toward them.

The bridge may no longer be public and could be on private property. Please check before trying to find the bridge.

 Photographer Nathan Holth

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