Michigan's Most Haunted Bridges - Adrian Train Trestle in Adrian #hauntedbridges

This bridge is known by locals as The Ghost Trestle near the intersection of Bailey Hwy and Gier Road.

One version of thelegend has it that a nearby farm caught fire. The wife herded her children out of the house while the husband went to the barn to let the animals out. The mother and children went to the tracks to try and flag down the train for help. But they tried to do this while on the tracks and the train couldn’t stop, the mother and children were killed on the tracks while the father was said to have perished in the flames as the fire spread to the barn.
The blog Michigan Macabre offers a more detailed version of the legend.

According to legend, a family of three moved into a modest little farmhouse just outside of town, located near a train trestle. There was a lot of farmland, which meant a lot of chances to live the American dream and be prosperous. There was a mother, father, and their infant son who they loved dearly. She would tend to the child as he would work out on the farm, breaking many a sweat from long days of difficult work.
As we all know, not all fairytales have happy endings, and this one is no exception. One night while the family was enjoying a meal, the beautiful red barn that stood just outside of their quaint little home caught fire, spitting hellish flames from the red painted wood into the vast night sky.  The father, in a panic, drops his dinner plate, and rushes out the door looking for anything that will help him calm the beastly blaze. He threw buckets of water, and did everything he possibly could in desperation to save his property. Sadly, the flames engulfed the barn and everything inside it, including the family’s beloved patriarch.
Amidst the fearsome inferno and the audible cries of death from her beloved, the wife grabs her infant child, and runs out to the trestle to flag down an oncoming train.  While in panic, she slipped onto the track, and struggled to regain her balance as the train quickly approached. The conductor blew the whistle repeatedly, attempting to alert the poor woman of her impending doom had she not gotten out of the way. Sadly, there was no time. The locomotive passed through, striking the woman and child, killing them instantly. As they lie dead on the track, the train crawled along, blew its whistle one last time, and disappeared into the night as if nothing had happened. 
Rumor has it you can sometimes catch a glimpse of the farmer wandering aimlessly looking for his wife and children. Or you might hear the anguished cries of the mother and her children. Paranormal investigators have caught orbs and shadow figures on film.

“We’ve heard screams, footsteps, seen shadow figures, orbs, heard growling and disembodied voices, and there are often lots of dead animals lying around and lots of black cats run out at us.”
But it’s the dead animals laying about that has Victoria thinking something much more negative lurks in the area of the “Ghost Trestle.”
“There are underground tunnels running underneath the trestle that I have not been in, but they seem very creepy as well. [The area] has an eerie vibe to it, unless a train passes which it then gets very, very crazy. As soon as the train passes you can feel the energy get really heavy.”
Another visitor to the tracks claimed to have seen a 70s era spirit which they detailed on MichiganHauntedHouses.com:

While visiting this bridge, I felt an INSANELY heavy feeling. It was so dark and intense, I couldn't even get close to it and had to stand about 20 feet away. I closed my eyes and heard screaming which was soon accompanied by a girl running along the train tracks. She had wavy dirty blonde hair, glasses, and a turtleneck. She seemed to be dressed in 70's attire. Her screams were just horrible. Every so often she would scream for help and I was just overcome with her feelings of terror. I wanted to see what she was running from, but I felt like it was a person. She didn't acknowledge I was there. I think she was just residual energy but her pure terror was like one I've never felt before. And the sheer dark and heaviness the bridge exuded was something I've only experienced when visiting places where people have been murdered and tortured. As we headed back to the car, my (very skeptical) friend saw 3 humanoid figures come out from the bushes and I saw a 4th watching from a few feet away. Granted, it was dark and we may have been seeing a post or part of a tree or something, but it was spooky nonetheless.

Strange things have been known to happen around the bridge. Cars stall and lights go out for no reason. Cameras and cell phones that had fully charged batteries would suddenly go dead. Some people believe this bridge is a portal to the other side.

This is a functioning stretch of railway so please stay off the tracks for your safety. Surrounding areas are private property.

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