Gothic Side Table Makeover with Dixie Belle Chalk Paint #dixiebelle #chalkpaint #gothicfurniture

My daughter moved back to town and needed furniture for her new apartment so I went scrounging around my house and my mom's to see what I could give her, after receiving a dark Gothic makeover, of course.

My girl is a mini-me. Our styles are similar on many things and she really loves the dark and spooky aesthetic. 

I found this old side table in my mom's basement, brought it home and got to work.

This is what it looked like before. Brown and boring. 

(Please ignore the mess in the background, it's a basement and there's a ton of junk we're sorting through in addition to all my crafty and Halloween things that are just kinda everywhere right now.)

I took it apart and cleaned it with Dixie Belle White Lightning and gave the top a light sanding because it was shiny.

I coated it with Dixie Bell Slick Stick which helps paint adhere to shiny and slick surfaces.

I painted it all solid black with Dixie Bell Black Caviar. I did several coats to get a nice even finish.

I coated all the side pieces and legs with Dixie Belle's Gator Hide clear coat.

The very top of the table and the front drawer I blended two reds- Dixie Bell Barn Red and Dixie Belle Honky Tonk Red with the black and ended up with a gorgeous Ombré look.

I sealed the table top and drawer with Dixie Belle's Howdy-Do Hemp Oil.

The drawer handles were originally a brass color.

I made them silver with Pewter Rub n Buff.

In the end the table turned out better than I ever imagined it would. I think it is my best furniture makeover so far.

I'm really enjoying the learning process - even if it drives me crazy sometimes.  My bestie, my mom, and my Obsidian sisters had to suffer through my complaints as this table gave me hell along the way. 

But the end result is WOW.

My daughter is super pleased. And I'm ready to tackle my next project.