Tea Party Thoughts and Dark Aesthetics

I think just about every little girl (and probably more than a few little boys, too) play "tea party" at some point in their life.

I had this cute plastic tea set with a celestial design on them when I was little. I was an only child so I never had anyone to play with. I would set up my dolls and stuffed animals and play tea party with them. I pretty much forgot my love of "tea party" until my friend Davonna created Witches Tea Flint  in 2018 and set up the first Witches Tea Party. Since then I've been hooked on tea parties. I've attended all the Witches Tea Flint parties which are fun events full of tea, games, and usually Tarot and other witchiness.

Witches Tea Flint October 2019

Witches Tea Flint October 2019

Witches Tea Flint October 2019

Then I attended a Christmas Victorian Tea at Whaley House in December. It was beautiful and elegant, but sedate. My friend and I were the youngest ones there (and we're in our 40s). The food was delicious and the tea was tasty. But something was missing.

Whaley House Victorian Christmas Tea

Whaley House Victorian Christmas Tea

Last year I bought a tea cart off Marketplace and had plans to give it a Gothic Makeover.

That started an entire Gothic Tea Party vision in my head.  For months it just flated around in my brain - what if, could I do it, how, who would help?

Then I really started thinking about it. 

A Dark Tea Party. 

I'm not a traditional "Goth". I'm more like Goth lite. A mom who used to be Goth, or something like that. I'm definitely not Mary Sunshine but if you look close at what I wear you'll find dark colors and skulls in the mix 99% of the time. 

I love dark aesthectics. Skulls, dark red roses, coffins, spooky witchy vamp stuff. Halloween 365 days a year.

So I consulted with a few friends and the idea for Gothique- A Dark Tea Party was born.

I have a collection of tea pots, tea cups, and china for the event along with my tea cart which is in the process of getting her dark makeover.

Ilona has tons of sexy, dark, vampy accessories from her years of putting on the Flint Vampire Ball plus all the stuff she's been collecting for her Vampire Parlor. These gorgeous props, furniture and decor will give the party a darkly elegant feel.

Samantha has been collecting linens, doilies, and china to contribute to the event.

The tea party we are creating is a fun and lively dark tea party.

There will be a photo area where you can take selfies or have someone take a photo of you and your friends.

There's going to be food, tea, dessert, Oracle card readings, DIY tea leaf readings, and more.

In addition to planning the aesthetics I've been reading about types of tea, how to brew the perfect pot of tea, reading tea leaves, researching tea party recipes and more. 


Here's are the details for the event.

Join us for a darkly elegant Victorian Gothic Tea PartyYou don't have to be "Goth" to come to our event. The event is geared towards people who enjoy dark aesthetics be it witchy, pagan, Goth, or vamp. And for those who just want to try something new and have fun with their friends.

Think of it as a Halloween party in May. May-O-Ween if you will.

This is an adults only event. 18 and older please.

Our party is a traditional Victorian Tea with a Dark Twist. 

Enjoy a menu of tea sandwiches, scones, dessert, and of course, tea.

Have your Oracle Cards read and learn how to read your tea leaves.

Dress in your best Dark Tea Party Attire. Wear Vamp, Witch, Goth, Steampunk,  Dark Alice in Wonderland, or simply fancy black clothes.

Prizes awarded for:

Best Victorian Ensemble
Best Hat
Best Vampire
Most Creative Costume

We'll also have Raffle Prizes

Bring a donation for the Humane Society of Genesee County and receive 5 free raffle tickets.

Signed copies of Haunted Flint will be available for purchase.

Join the Facebook Event Page for Updates

Like the Gothique Facebook Page 

Get Your Tea Party Ticket from Brown Paper Tickets

Tickets must be purchased in advance. No tickets will be available at the door. This is a small venue so we have a limited number of seats available. Get yours before they sell out.

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