Rotten Manor's A Bloody Christmas and Exit 13's Friday the 13th Massacre #Creepmas

The past couple years Christmas Haunts have become popular. Several Halloween Haunted Attractions open back up in December for special Christmas Themed Haunts.

Rotten Manor in Holly, Michigan is doing A Bloody Christmas at Rotten Manor. They have 2 dates left December 13th and 14th

NBC25 did a story on this fun Christmas Haunt. -  "The Rotten Manor completely transformed their Halloween haunted manor into a creepy, Christmas-themed attraction, decorated to the bloody hilt... Evil Christmas creatures telling tales and spooky animatronics lead only courageous souls through the manor...Carnival games, vendors, mazes, an escape room, and a haunted hearse were also at the manor, with Christmas ghosts and ghouls lurking about."

Exit 13 Haunted House in Mt Morris Michigan is doing a Friday the 13th Massacre with Full Contact- Saturday the 14th they are offering a regular night.

Fore more details visit the Facebook event pages Friday the 13th Massacre Saturday December 14 Haunt

Doors open at 7pm and will run until 1am or the last soul is served

Exit 13 Haunted House
6069 N Saginaw St 
Mt Morris, Michigan 48458


  1. I've been to Exit 13 on a Friday the 13th before - I'll take a hard pass on that hard-core, full contact, you become part of the scares version, no thanks!! I

    1. That's a no for me, too.

      I'm not a big fan of haunts to begin with (though my husband and kids love them) there's no way in hell I want anyone touching me.

      But my fam gets extra special attention at Exit 13 because my bestie's son works there. So I let him know when the hubby and kids are on the way. (Insert evil laugh here)