My Review of The Healthy Witch: A Workbook for Optimal Health by T J Perkins

The Healthy Witch: A Workbook for Optimal Health by T J Perkins

As within + so without = a healthy witch. But getting there takes the right magikal work. This holistic witchy workbook combines medical knowledge with magikal healing to put you where you need to be to get the most out of your life. 

Learn to personalize your healing needs by fusing skills in magik and nutrition, conducting rituals, and employing specialized spells. Using the pentagram model, take a healing journey through each organ in your body, allowing you to gain optimal health via signs, suggestions, and practical tips. 

Examine each element and discover how your organs interact and affect your magikal energy flow. The tools here will guide you to becoming a naturally healthy witch, enabling you to work with the Goddess from a place of sacred well-being. A healthy witch is a successful witch!

My Review

This book is exactly what I needed. Came at the perfect time to help me focus on my health a little more.

Not preachy, not overly self-helpish. More like a magical intervention. Which is exactly what I needed to get my butt in gear and focus more on me.

Helps you focus on the parts of your body that need attention along with the best seasons and holidays to do the magical workings. And it includes all the correspondences you need.

This one is a definite keeper and going on my witchy shelf for easy access.

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