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I wrote a little about my haunted house on the blog before and you can find a more detailed account in my new book, Haunted Flint.

Things have been pretty quiet for awhile. There's still the random weird noise, squeaky door opening by itself, and things that disappear into thin air but for the most part it has been uneventful. I have had thorough spiritual cleansing of my house performed and I do regular sage smudging and salt cleansing. I think that keeps things quiet.

At least it did until this past week.

Maybe it's because my box of books arrived and all the talk in my house has been about  Haunted Flint, Halloween and all the upcoming events. It has the spirits stirred up. I think they know they have an entire chapter dedicated to them.

Several nights ago I was alone in the house. My husband and son were both out and I was curled up on the couch. All the cats were either on the sofa with me or on another piece of furniture in the living room.

All the sudden I heard a weird noise. It sounded like something had been thrown down the basement stairs. I quickly looked around to make sure all cats were accounted for. Then I got up to go check out the sound. Yes, I am one of those people.

A birdhouse that had been on a shelf in the stairwell had "fallen" down the stairs and shattered. When I went up and down the stairs earlier it had not been teetering on the edge. It wasn't sitting precariously waiting for gravity to pull it off the shelf.

But now the poor thing was at the bottom of the stairs, broken.

A couple days later I was crafting downstairs in my workshop. When I turned to go up the stairs I swear there was movement in my husband's workshop. But again, I was home alone. The movement occurred at human head level, so it wasn't one of the cats skulking about in the shadows.

Last night my husband went downstairs to do laundry and quickly came back upstairs. "She's in my shop," he announced. 

I was tired so it didn't "click" right away so I asked, "Who is in your shop?"

"The old woman. She's in my shop!" He exclaimed.

My response, "Why did you have to tell me that? Now I'm not going to want to go down there and work when I'm home alone."

He laughed and picked up a copy of my book, "Are you serious? You wrote this book. You look for ghosts."

"That doesn't mean I want one lurking about in the shadows while I'm home alone working on things. I get spooked easily."

He laughed again and walked away. 

I haven't been downstairs yet but I have a lot of work to do this weekend.

Basements are creepy enough without ghosts flitting about.

Makes sense she's creeping about in his workshop. It is directly under "THAT ROOM" on the main floor. The room where all the ghosts seem to hang out. The old woman,  the middle aged woman, and the young woman/teen. (Hmmm I never realized the maiden, mother, crone theme with my spirits until now- odd). I have cleansed THAT ROOM repeatedly. But I never make it to back part of the basement where his workshop is.  So perhaps all the ghosties are partying down there now. 

Other weird things have happened upstairs though.

One day I was digging in my closet and found a pair of husband's dress shoes that had been missing since our trip to NOLA in 2012. We thought they had been left in the hotel.

But suddenly there they were. I have torn everything out of my closet numerous times between 2012 and now. I don't see how it is possible that they've been hiding in there this entire time. My closet isn't that big.

So I pulled out the shoes and placed them in my husband's room so he would see them when he came home. There was nothing on the floor at the time I placed the shoes in his room and again, I was home alone. Just me and the cats.

About twenty minutes later he arrived home and was excited that I found his favorite shoes, the comfy expensive ones that he loves to wear to our Halloween balls. He had missed them so much.

Then he came to me with 3 cards in his hand, "What are these? Why were they on the floor in the doorway?"

In his hand were 3 monkey cards from a child's card game. The first two monkeys were in the classic see no evil, hear no evil poses. But the no evil?

Our youngest is 13. The cards were his. He was our little monkey boy. He had monkey everything. But I haven't seen any of those cards in years. More importantly I sure didn't see them on the floor in the doorway when I took the shoes into the room.

Other strangeness, my cameo skull brooch disappeared. I thought I lost in during a cookout we had in May and that it was somewhere in the yard. But in my jewelry box, in it's place, was an antique cameo I had never laid eyes on before. Friday the 23 of August I found my missing skull cameo brooch in a jewelry box at the top of my cabinet under some costume pieces. A jewelry box I rarely use and would not have been able to navigate its retrieval while I was a bit tipsy after the cookout.

I think I need more sage. 

But on the bright side we're at a point where instead of things disappearing, things that were lost are being returned.

Haunted Flint
Haunted America Series
Roxanne Rhoads and Joe Schipani 

Publisher: The History Press

Release Date: September 2, 2019

ISBN-10: 1467143049
ISBN-13: 978-1467143042

Book Description:

Sinister Secrets in Flint’s History

Home to ancient burial grounds, unsolved murders, economic depression, and a water crisis, Flint emits an unholy energy rife with ghostly encounters.

Colonel Thomas Stockton’s ever vigilant ghost keeps a watchful eye over his family home at Spring Grove, where guests occasionally hear the thump of his heavy boots.

Restless spirits long separated from their graves lurk among the ancient stones in Avondale Cemetery.

Carriage maker W.A. Paterson’s spirit continuously wanders the halls of the Dryden Building, and something sinister and unnamed resides in a Knob Hill mansion waiting to prey on impressionable young men.

Join authors Roxanne Rhoads and Joe Schipani on a chilling tour of Flint’s most haunted locations.

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  1. I think you need to embrace these spirits and make them welcome. How awesome is that?

    1. We've tried. For the most part they don't seem menacing, so we let them be. When I cleanse I work to remove negativity and harmful energy not benign spirits. I personally had a few scary incidents but I don't believe those were connected to our lady ghosts.