Halloween How-To: DIY Mini Top Hat #Halloween #HalloweenDIY #HalloweenCostume

What You'll Need:

Black Paper Party Cups 9 oz size (I buy party cups at Dollar Tree, pack of 12 for $1)

Thin piece of cardboard (cereal box is perfect)

Thin piece of wire (thin floral wire works great)

Black tissue paper (don't skimp here, you want the thick coated tissue paper. Not the thin stuff that rips easily).

Foam brush

Mod Podge



Quart size paint can (can be empty- you just need it to trace for the bottom of hat- this is the absolute perfect size)

Blue painter's tape (I only use this tape for paper mache work. I quickly discovered any non-paper based tape is a paint to use. The glue does not adhere to it and everything slides aorund)

2 alligator hair clips (per hat)

Tacky Glue, Hot Glue or Fabric Glue to attach any fabric, jewels, findings, etc.

Any accessories and decorations you want to add to the hat. I used a hint of glitter, a touch of metallic blue paint and added a resin skull that I customized with metallic blue and black acrylic paint and Gold Leaf Rub N Buff along with a gold colored metal embellishment I purchased on Etsy.

How to Make It:

1) Grab your cup, cardboard and a pencil or pen. Turn the cup upside down and trace the cup onto the cardboard. 

2) Grab your paint can, place it on the cardboard and trace the can.

3) Cut out your two circles.

4) Trace the bottom of your cup directly in the center of your largest circle (which is the hat's brim). Fold in half and cut out the center circle.

5) Punch or cut out the bottom of your cup. It needs to be open so you can tape the brim and top together.

6) Tape a thin piece of wire all the way around the edge of the brim. This makes the brim flexible and will make it hold shape. The shape may get bent up as you attach your tissue paper, be sure to reshape it to your desired design before the hat dries. 

7) Tape your brim to your top. And the other cardboard circle to the very top of the cup.

8) Cut your tissue paper into long strips and small squares.

9) Coat a spot with Mod Podge, then firmly attach the tissue paper. Coat the top of that with Mod Podge. Smooth with the foam brush.

10) Continue this until the entire hat is covered. I usually start under the hat, then do the top of the hat then work my way through the middle.

The tissue paper will wrinkle (that's good, wrinkles add texture which ends up looking great). Some might tear. If it tears or you get a bald spot just add another piece of paper. Depending on how thick your tissue paper is you'll probably need at least two layers of paper. Do this all at once. Do not let it dry then re-coat. You want it to all blend together and dry together.

The end result should look almost like an old textured leather hat.

I added a bit of glitter to the one below. It'll have less once I brush all the excess off. 

For my customization I first added a metal embellishment. I bent it to fit the hat and glued it on with jewelry glue.

Then I added a resin skull that I painted with metallic blue and black acrylic then added Gold Leaf Rub N Buff over the top.

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