Freaky Flint History with Joe Schipani - What’s Yours is Mine June 26th, 1930 #freakyflinthistory

Flint is well known for its modern violent crimes but Flint's history is filled with little known stories that read stranger than fiction. Gruesome murders, weird accidents, and violent deaths. Join us every Thursday as Joe Schipani details some of the odd but true deaths he found in Flint's archives.

What’s Yours is Mine June 26th, 1930

Frank and Mary Somogyi had only been married for a little over four months but the honeymoon was over before it began.

Mary’s first husband had died accidentally a little over a year before she married Frank.  She had been a single mother of a new baby.

Mary owned a restaurant and lived in the apartment above it on St John Street.
Her new husband, Frank worked at one of the auto factories. He was jealous of his wife for making more money than he did. Mary’s brother told the police that they fought all the time and that Mary confessed to him that she wished she never would have married Frank.

On the morning of June 26th, 1930 Frank went down to the restaurant and took forty dollars out of the cash register. When Mary confronted him, he told her “what’s yours is mine now that we’re married.”

Mary was furious. Her brother took her to the police station so she could file a report. The officer took down the information but told her there wasn’t much that they could do unless she wanted to press charges which could lead to a lengthy legal battle. She decided not to go that route. The officer did promise to have a word with Frank.

The cop made good on his promise and talked to Frank. Afterward, Frank hopped into a cab and went to the hardware store. According to McCray, the taxi driver, Frank paid him to wait. Frank came out with a big package under his arm, hopped into the cab, and told him to go to a St John Street restaurant.

When they got there, Frank took his package inside, and once again asked the driver to wait. After Frank got back into the cab he told McCray, “I’m going home now to kill my wife and you’re going to take me or I’ll kill you, too.”

McCray did what Frank wanted. When Frank got out of the car, McCray drove until he found the first police officer, and told him what Frank said.

Inside the house Frank fought with Mary. According to one of the boarder’s that lived there, Mary told him she wanted a divorce. Frank then pulled the shot gun out of the bag and chased her down the hall. The boarder noticed and tried grabbing the gun. When he did, the gun fired hitting Mary in the back of the head.

Frank ran into the living room to get more bullets. The border tried again to get the gun away from Frank but he threatened to kill him if he didn’t leave, so he left. That time the police were pulling up to the house and heard the gunfire. Frank shot himself when they walked in. Mary was found dead in her room. The bullet had killed her instantly.

Frank died a couple of hours later at Hurley hospital. Mary’s two year old child escaped untouched.  

~ Joe Schipani is the Executive Director of the Flint Public Art Project and the FFAR Project Assistant at the Community Foundation of Greater Flint.  Find him on Facebook at 

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