Easy DIY Faux Antique Pewter Mirrors #DIYGothMirrors #GIY #GothItYourself

I am a treasure hunter and bargain finder. Yard sales, flea markets, resale stores...these are my haunts. I also scour online auctions like eBay and a local place a friend works for. I love finding amazing deals.

Last year I got a grouping of 3 mirrors and a framed art piece for $1. Yes, all 3 for $1. A total steal.

The mirrors had dated 1970s gold frames. I wasn't sure what I wanted to to do with them so they just went in the pile of things to paint.

Last weekend I finally picked them up and decided to paint them. I taped off the mirrors with painter's tape, took them outside and sprayed them glossy black. Let them dry then brought them back in.

I decided to use pewter rub n buff and lightly add some silver detail. Wow, wow, wow. I love how they turned out.

I wanted to dress one up and make it a little spookier, a little more Goth. So I dug through my box of cameos and other resin littles that I have made. I picked out a bat and a matching pair of male and female skeleton cameos. I brushed those with the pewter rub n buff then added a little ebony rub n buff to the cameo settings. It gave them more texture and added to the antique look.

I am so pleased with how these two mirrors turned out. Originally I was going to take them to an upcoming vending event to sell them. I was on the fence about it. Then my husband seen them and said "Absolutely not, those are going in our living room." So, not for sale. LOL. Fine with me.

If you want to recreate the look you'll need:

Fancy framed mirror (usually easy to find at Goodwill, yard sales, flea markets, etc.)

Rustoleum 2X Paint + Primer Black Gloss

Rub N Buff Pewter

Nitrile or Latex Gloves to protect your hands while painting and suing the rib and buff

Small cloth for the Rub N Buff (I use pieces old socks)

Painter's tape (I prefer Scotch Blue)

Resin cameos and bat (optional)

Dazzle Tac (to attach cameos)


Tape off mirror with painter's tape

Spray paint outside or in a well ventilated area

Let dry then carefully add just a little rub n buff on raised surfaces, spread with cloth, wipe it until blended. Let it streak and end up wherever. You want it to look random.

In the end it should look like antique pewter.

Optional add cameos and bat. I cast most of my own cameos, you can check out this post for instructions. Or you can purchase pre-made cameos and settings on Amazon, eBay or Etsy.

For the cameos and bat I added a little rub n buff, glued the cameos to the setting (also called a bezel or cabochon frame), then glued the framed cameos and bat to the mirror with Dazzle Tac jewelry glue.

Just a note- when I'm working on craft projects I try to remember to take photos throughout the project. But I don't stage them so you'll see my workshop, my kitchen table, my back porch, wherever I work in whatever stage of disaster it currently is in. Sorry. When I am in create mode I am not in "let's stage this and make it look pretty mode".  I'm lucky if I even manage to do that once the project is complete. I am trying to get better. It is a slow process.


  1. Those are fabulous - I really love the pewter effect! I have a yucky old mirror that was going to a garage sale but I think now it will have a new lease on life.

    1. It's really very easy. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice these turned out with very little effort. I have a really large gold framed mirror tucked away. I might try to do this same effect on it.

  2. Oh goodness, they're gorgeous! I love spray painting thrifting finds to add new life, and hadn't even thought to do this to ornate frames and mirrors! This definitely has my mind going to all the ways I can use these in my home!