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Paperless Post is a new digital way to send invitations. 

Their technology makes it feel like the real thing. You get to create a custom invite,  envelope, and even choose the stamp- you can coordinate everything. 

You also get an event page to go with the invite.

When you send the invite your guests will receive an email with the fancy envelope image adorned with the stamp you selected.

Click the email and they'll be taken to a web page, the invite comes out of the envelope and the guest can choose that they will or will not attend.

The event page has the location, date and time of the event including a map. 

There's also a guest list and a place where the host can post messages and photos. Guests can also leave comments.

They have invitations and flyers for everything- weddings, bridal showers, parties, baby showers, professional events, summer BBQ's, of course I went straight to the Halloween invites and was not disappointed. 

Paperless Post has a great selection of Halloween invitation styles from cute and whimsical to the vintage style above which is called Memento Mori.

I love Killer Halloween which is perfect for the a Slasher Movie Theme.

Bat Bottles is cute for a Spooky cocktail party.

Check them out, there have many Halloween options to choose from. I had a hard time picking just one.

Some are free, some start at 2 coins to customize. Some customization costs more than others, some options are free.  

Memento Mori is 6 coins per invitation sent. 

Coins are 25 for $10, 100 for $20, 200 for $30, 400 for $50, and 1000 for $100.

Creating the invitation was relatively easy once I got the hang of their program. 

One thing that was weird is that I had to change font sizes on each individual word, I'm used to doing it by lines so that threw me off at first. I also did not like that I could not just grab the text and move it where I wanted. It seems fixed in place. You can play with font size, letter, and line spacing but that only does so much. I wanted to move things around a bit but I couldn't find an option for that so I did the best I could with their design software. 

I will definitely play with things more and try other invitations.

One element I really wish they would add is an embed option. I would love to create the invite and embed it in my website. I would pay extra coins for that option.

This is something authors would really appreciate having available for book release parties and book signing events. 

I would love to embed this fancy invite on my events page as a gif showing the envelope, then the invite coming out of the envelope. If guests are interested they click it and it takes them to the event page on Paperless Post.

Overall I really loved finding and customizing a Halloween invitation on Paperless Post. This is something I will definitely use in future for events and parties.

Disclaimer: This review was sponsored by Paperless Post. 

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