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A little creativity can go a long way. 

I've always been a DIY girl. I come by it naturally, my mom and grandma were both DIY types. Sewing, crocheting, crafting...

Mine mostly started with necessity. Either I could not afford something or my tastes were so specific that what I wanted was not available, so I had to create it myself. These days it is often because what I envision only exists in my head. So I have to bring it into reality.

Sometimes I just want to flex my creative muscles and see if I'm up for the challenge.

That was what happened with these hats.

A couple weeks ago I wrote a brief post about attending an Alice in Wonderland Themed Tea Party. I decided for the party I wanted to make my own Alice themed hat.

I ended up making 4 hats. I posted the collage but people wanted to see more of the hats. :-)

For the first hat I used a top hat form I purchased from an online craft store. It ended up being too large and heavy to pin to my hair without doing an elaborate up-do to give it something to anchor into (and that might not be enough, it is much heavier than all my other hats so it will probably end up being a centerpiece). 

Since the first hat was too big and heavy I made another one- using a paper cup, toilet paper roll, cardboard and tissue paper. I could have just used the upside down cup for a standard top hat form but I wanted it to be a little off kilter, to fit the Alice theme. So I added a piece of toilet paper roll at the bottom of the cup to make the top hat tilt.

My daughter informed me a week before the party that she'd be home for Spring break and wanted to attend the party with me. I decided I needed to make a hat for her. Then my bestie didn't get time to make the hat she was I made one for her, too. 

So three mini hats made from cardboard cups,  tissue paper and Mod Podge.

I accessorized them with things I had on hand- paint, ribbon, beads, charms, glitter, felt, and wire. 

The only items I purchased for the three mini hats were a bag of cardboard cups from the dollar store ($1) because I only had one to make my original hat. I also purchased graphics,  printable Alice cards on Etsy for $4.65 from Cheeky Pink Prints. The Cheeky Store has tons of Alice themed printables.

Each hat is a little different- Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter, and Cheshire Cat . We received tons of compliments on the hats and had a great time at the party.

Thankfully I have a room full of craft supplies so I had beads, glitter, felt, wire, keys, and other basic supplies I needed to make these. 

You'd be surprised at how often I don't have what I need for a specific project, even with a fully stocked craft room. But for once the stars aligned.

I considered making a full size hat but I prefer the minis. If you are interested in making a full size Mad Hatter hat I found this great tutorial on the Quilting Gems blog. The image popped up on Pinterest and it was one of the best tutorials I read.

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