Goals for 2019

As the new year looms in front of me I think about the things I wish to accomplish.

I already have a lot on my plate for the coming year but there are things I want to try, things I want to dip my toes into.

Several Halloween events that I have enjoyed going to year after year have either switched hands or closed out so organizers can move on to other projects. 

That leaves empty spots in my Halloween calendar. I've played with the idea of launching my own event for awhile now. This probably will not be the year it happens but it could be the year I put those plans in motions for 2020.

Little know fact about me is that I love planning parties and events. Growing up I planned birthday parties for myself every year. They always had a theme. I did the same for my kids. When my oldest was little we also had a Halloween party every year full of games, costumes and food. 

In college I worked in the Office of Student Life, which pretty much handled all campus events. I also was the assistant to the Campus Cultural Liaison. That was an awesome job. I got to plan and attend the Chinese New Year Celebration, The Latino Heritage Dinner, and a Native American Pow Wow. 

After college I became a floral designer and wedding planner. So not only did I plan weddings I also made decor, centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and cake toppers.

Eventually I came back to my true calling which is the publishing world. I love writing and I love working with authors.  

But I bounce back and forth with creative projects to flex my skills, learn new skills, and not get stuck in a rut. 

In 2018 I played with learning more about graphic design and photography. I plan to continue doing that because I really enjoy it.

Yet event planning is something that keeps tickling me, teasing in the back of my mind, little whispers "why don't you plan a Halloween party?", "why don't you do some kind of Halloween event?".

Maybe I'll start listening to those whispers. Maybe not. Who knows? We'll see where 2019 takes me creatively.

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