DIY Wine Cork Reindeer - Winter Holiday Craft Tutorial

OK so this craft isn't originally dark, or spooky, or is just a cute holiday craft for someone who has  extra wine corks lying around (I have a big bowl of them). 

But you can easily Goth these guys up a bit- black or silver pipe cleaners for the antlers, black ears instead of brown, maybe some tiny skulls instead of buttons... and end up with something like this guy below.

Materials Needed
  • 3 wine corks (per reindeer)- use the longest, best looking cork for the body, a smaller cork for the head, and the remaining cork for the legs.
  • 2 black sewing pins or 2 googly eyes
  • Brown felt or foam paper (black if you want to Goth it)
  • Red Faceted flat round acrylic cabochons
  • pipe cleaners in shades of brown, tan, black or silver
  • Accessories- buttons, bells, ribbon, etc. (tiny skulls for Goth version)
  • Glue gun
  • Knife
Craft Instructions

Step 1: Cut the legs
  • Cut one wine cork in half- use the knife to saw in half like a log.
  • Flip each half piece and cut them lengthwise in half. You should have four equal sized pieces of cork with a flat side and a round side.
Step 2: Cut the head
  • If you have corks that are shorter than the others you can use these for the head, or you can cut an end piece off to make it a little smaller. You’ll want to cut a sliver off the back, like sawing a log, take off a round slice.
Step 3: Glue legs and head to the body
  • Now go back to the four pieces of cork from the first cork you cut. Make sure the flat piece faces in- the rounded sides should face outward.
  • Glue these four pieces to the bottom of the body cork. This will make the deer’s legs. Make sure they attach in a way that the deer can stand upright on its own.
  • Glue head on to the top of the body.
Step 4: Add eyes, antlers, accessories.
  • Create eyes by using two black head sewing pins with the sharp part cut to a small point, leave just enough to stick into the cork and hold them in place. Optional and safer for kids – glue on small google eyes.
  • Create antlers with 2 pieces of brown or tan pipe cleaner. Twist and shape them into antlers. Glue both antlers to the back of the reindeer’s head.
  • Cut two small pieces of brown felt or foam paper into rounded triangle shapes. Glue to next to the antlers to make the ears.
  • Glue one red flat bead to the front of the head to make the nose.
  • Add accessories such as bells, buttons, bows, beads, or ribbon. I had tiny buttons, jingle bells and small pre-made ribbon bows that we added to the reindeer.

If you want to Goth them up pull out some of you leftover Halloween accessories, like tiny skull beads.

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