#Creepmas Day 8- DIY Goth Christmas Ornaments #MakingCreepmas #Hornaments

For the 13 Days of Creepmas I wanted to include at least one DIY project. 

So I started brainstorming and came up with Goth Ornaments- and wouldn't you know I finished them just in time to line up with the #MakingCreepmas Day for #Hornaments!

These easy DIY Goth Ornaments are really simple. Basically they are just paint, glue and glitter and attaching a piece of paper to a wood ornament.

I try to keep most of DIYs easy enough that just about anyone can do them. They don't require extreme art skills or fancy equipment.

Items Needed:

Round Wood Christmas Ornaments

Round images 

Printer and paper

Mod Podge Gloss 

1 inch foam paint brush

Fine paint brush


Black Paint

Hooks, ribbon, or string to hang ornaments

Ultra Fine Black Glitter


Paint your ornaments black. Paint the back of each ornament, let them dry, then paint the front of each ornament.

Select your images, crop them into circles then print them out on regular printer paper. I found free stock images on Pixabay and cropped them into 2.5 inch and 2.75 inch circles. The 2.5 inch circles leave a border around the image that I can fill with glitter. The 2.75 inch circles cover the entire circular area of my wood ornaments. (download my sheets of 6 2.5 ornaments here or the 2.75 here)

Cut out your images. 

Attach the images to the ornament with mod podge. I use a foam paint brush to cover the back of the image in mod podge then place it carefully on the ornament. I smooth it with my fingers. You do not want any air pockets or wrinkles. Once it is smoothed with my fingers I get more mod podge on the foam brush and coat the entire image thoroughly and smooth it out with the brush making sure once again their are no bubbles or wrinkles.

Let the ornaments dry completely then check to make sure edges are not curling. If edges are curling or not fully secure, add more mod podge. 

If everything looks good it is time for glitter. 

Take the fine point paintbrush and use it to paint a small line of mod podge around the edge of the image on the ornament. Grab your fine black glitter and sprinkle it onto the wet mod podge, cover completely then shake off the excess.

I use a paper plate under my ornament to catch excess glitter. 

Repeat this for each ornament. If the glitter looks good let it dry. If not add more mod podge and more glitter.

Dump excess glitter onto a piece of paper and put back in your glitter jar, no point in wasting all that excess.

Once your ornaments are dry add a hook or ribbon and hang them on your tree.


  1. Love these Roxanne! I’m off to see if I can find these wooden ornaments in the UK x

  2. Thank you. I love them too. I was planning on putting them in my Etsy store but decided to give a couple as gifts and keep the rest :-)