The Travel Channel’s The Dead Files in Flint

Flint has been a popular destination for The Travel Channel’s show The Dead Files. The Dead Files features two paranormal investigators: psychic medium Amy Allan and former NYPD homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi. They travel the country investigating paranormal activity.

They have investigated three separate locations in the Flint area and have aired four episodes featuring Flint.

They first visited for an episode that aired in June 2013.

The Dead Files Battlefield

Outside the city of Flint a private residence was experiencing such a profound haunting they called in experts.

Historical records found by Steve DiSchiavi indicate the house sits on the site of a War of 1812 POW camp. Native Americans used the land to hold white soldiers for ransom. During Amy’s walk around the land she sees the spirits of many men looking worn and haggard.

The land is also reported to be in Section Five of the old Smith Reservation.

In 1819 the land was designated by Jacob Smith (Flint’s founder) to go to a woman named Mokitchenoqua. Smith’s heirs say that Mokitchenoqua was his daughter, Maria Stockton. (However historical records list a Supreme Court Case, Stockton v Williams, in which Nancy Smith Crane, Marie Lavoy and Elizabeth Lyons each claimed to be Mokitchenoqua to lay claim to land- the Supreme Court declared Elizabeth Lyons to be Mokitchenoqua however local Flint courts refused to evict Smith’s heirs so Stockton and Payne held onto the land in question).

(In the episode they use the name Nondashemau, which is another name listed on the treaty however all the documentation regarding this land dispute declares the disputed name to be Mokitchenoqua)

More of Steve’s investigating revealed details about a little girl, Loretta, who died in the home in 1936 by falling inside a hot water laundry tub. This fit with Amy sensing a little girl’s spirit (possibly Loretta) during the investigation.

Amy also sensed a shape shifting demonic entity which was the main force behind the chaos and the evil occurring in the home. The youngest child was being manipulated by an entity Amy called “The Babysitter”.  She concluded that at some point someone on the property was into dark magic and conjured a demon that had attached itself to the family currently in the home.

The investigators advised the Flint family to move out because it was too dangerous to continue living there after reports of being choked by unseen hands, being dragged out of bed in the middle of the night, and pets mysteriously dying.

The Dead Files Revisited: Battlefield and Violated

In this revisited episode that aired in November 2013, an exorcism was performed to get rid of the demon that had attached itself to the mother of the household from the Battlefield episode. The family decided to move out of the house even though things seemed better after the exorcism.

The Dead Files Living Nightmare

This episode first aired November 2014. Ryan, a local Flint police detective, requests Steve’s help to figure out what is going on in his mother’s home.

Upon arrival Amy senses multiple spirits.

She senses an angry man- a convict and felon. She feels him in the guest bedroom and basement. Ryan had a terrifying experience in the bedroom; he was pinned to the bed by an unseen entity.

Homeowner Dawn often hears a voice in the basement telling her to leave. Other strange happenings occur in the basement - doors opening and shutting and things being moved.

Amy feels a very depressed woman in her mid-20s in the master bedroom.

The previous owner’s husband, who was a career soldier, passed away suddenly inside the home, in the bathroom of the master bedroom. Steve investigates meanwhile Amy senses a military man moving throughout the hallway, confused, perhaps not realizing he is in a house and not on a mission.

During his research Steve uncovers that the original owners of the land, John and Lydia Utley, experienced tremendous tragedy. 6 grandchildren, a daughter in law, along with John and Lydia all died on the property.

Amy senses a matronly, grandmotherly like spirit, very religious woman. The woman claimed that her family was cursed and haunted by demons. She believes Lydia Utley is the grandmotherly spirit.

Amy also sense shapeshifting creatures and elements on the property.

More research reveals notorious criminal Tommie Nesbit (also spelled Tommy Nesbitt in different news clippings) lived next door to the home. Steve teams up with local retired detective, Robert McFadden, to learn more. McFadden finds that Tommie was a career criminal. He spent years in and out of jail and prison but was eventually released early because both he and his mother had tuberculosis. They both passed away soon after he was released from prison. Amy believes the violent criminal entity to be Tommie Nesbit.

Amy suggests the family hire a shaman to get rid of the elementals, a psychic to offer counseling for the depressed spirit to pass on, and a strong male psychic to get rid of the criminal spirit. Once the dark spirits are gone the old woman will be satisfied and can move on.

The Dead Files Triggered

In an episode that first aired in February 2018, The Dead Files returned to Flint for a third time to investigate a house filled with shadowy figures.

After moving into the home the new residents underwent emotional changes and started suffering from depression. Then physical attacks from unseen entities started.

Amy sensed an influence that pushed males to violence.

Steve uncovered a murderous past tied to the Thomas Brent family who originally owned the land the house is on.

Brent’s daughter Charlotte fell in love with a married farmer and got pregnant. 

The farmer’s wife and child mysteriously disappeared. They were suspected to have been murdered but no charges could ever be filed.

Charlotte’s mother did not approve of the couple. Six months after they married she died of arsenic poisoning. The farmer, Palmer, was considered a suspect in this murder but he disappeared.

Is he the murderous spirit haunting this land?

Quite a few deaths are linked to the area around this home. Amy felt so much chaos and sensed numerous spirits. The most concerning spirit was that of a violent mustached man.

Things were so bad Amy and Steve suggested the family call in a male medium and a Chaos Magician to get rid of the evil spirits.

Haunted Flint
Haunted America Series
Roxanne Rhoads and Joe Schipani 

Publisher: The History Press

Release Date: September 2, 2019

ISBN-10: 1467143049
ISBN-13: 978-1467143042

Book Description:

Sinister Secrets in Flint’s History

Home to ancient burial grounds, unsolved murders, economic depression, and a water crisis, Flint emits an unholy energy rife with ghostly encounters.

Colonel Thomas Stockton’s ever vigilant ghost keeps a watchful eye over his family home at Spring Grove, where guests occasionally hear the thump of his heavy boots.

Restless spirits long separated from their graves lurk among the ancient stones in Avondale Cemetery.

Carriage maker W.A. Paterson’s spirit continuously wanders the halls of the Dryden Building, and something sinister and unnamed resides in a Knob Hill mansion waiting to prey on impressionable young men.

Join authors Roxanne Rhoads and Joe Schipani on a chilling tour of Flint’s most haunted locations.

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