Photos from the Michigan Witches Ball

The Witches Ball is my must attend event of the Halloween season every year- and this year was a blast.

The theme was Gothic Sweetest Day. So there was a lot of red and black costumes this year- which is perfect for me because that's my favorite color combination.

Hubby and I Ready for the Ball

My bestie and her husband with me and my husband.

Here's me and my bestie with her husband's blurry face in a photo bomb behind us.

I'm bummed I didn't think to get better photos of the skirt. 

I wanted to do a post about making it. 

So I'll have to pull it out of the garment bag and take better photos of the skirt- which is really 2 skirts and a dress made into a ruffled bustle overskirt and skirt combo. 

I made the skirt out of two skirts and a dress I purchased at resale stores, I made the witch hat, bought the corset and lace bolero jacket on eBay (the lace jacket I bought last year to go with my steampunk outfit and it worked for this, too), and I bought the vintage hand bag from a friend. The shirt I had, the boots I had and the necklace my mom gave me for Christmas last year (she made it). 

So all together I spent well under $100 on this gorgeous costume. 

I bought my husband the red vest and tie last year for the Yule ball, then I couldn't find a red dress I liked so I bought him a burgundy set to match the dress I ended up wearing. So we didn't spend anything extra on his outfit this year.

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