Halloween Decorating in My House

I'm a little late putting up my Halloween decor this year. Usually I have it all up by October 1 but this year I've been busy making and vending so not much was up until this week.

I don't have as many Halloween decorations as I used to.

A couple years ago my oldest son bought a house and wanted to throw a big Halloween bash so I gave him 90% of my Halloween decorations. Mostly all the lights and creepy stuff that make a good haunt- skeleton arms, screaming witches, wiggling ghosts, and things like that. I have slowly been acquiring new items.

My husband bought me a bunch of pumpkins and jack o lanterns over the summer at yard sales. I have them adorning my workshop.

I've been trying to get the rest of the house looking spooky.

This vampire theme area in my bedroom is one of  my "Everyday is Halloween" areas. I never take it down. Yes, those are Bratz dolls. They were my daughter's. She gave them to me to represent her and I. The light up son is from my oldest son and I have Drac from Hotel Transylvania from my youngest son. So this area is all about me and my three kids :-)

This is another "365 Days a Year Halloween" area- my office.

The corner is above my desk and features all my witchy things, owls, and cats. 

Behind where I sit is a bookcase with more owls and witchy things.

Moving on to the Living Room...

 So far I only have a few decorated spots.

I plan on doing more this weekend.

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