Easy DIY Color Changing Crystal Ball and Crystal Ball Candlesticks - Halloween How To

I was in full Halloween craft supply shopping mode when I came across the Christmas section in Dollar Tree one day. 

At first I ignored it...because Christmas stuff...and I was in Halloween mode.

But I turned around and went back because you never know what can be used for crafty things.

I spotted the clear plastic ornament balls and thought "Hmmm, mini crystal balls?" 

So I grabbed a couple and added them to my stack of Halloween things in the cart.

Then I found a couple glass candlesticks and thought..."Hey if I take the lid off the small ball I bet it will fit upside down in this candlestick."

As soon as I got home I tried it and it fit perfectly. So I proceeded to collect all the candlesticks I could find in my house.  Then I went back to the Dollar Tree for more ornaments and candle sticks.

I already had spray paint and transparency paper on hand for other craft projects  (Like the Swirling Mist Crystal Ball and Smoke Filled Crystal Ball)

Crystal Ball Candlesticks

Supply List

Glass Taper Candle Holders

Clear Plastic Christmas Ball Ornaments

Transparency Paper

Halloween Stickers or images to print on the transparency paper

Spray paint for the candlesticks

Glue- my go to glue is Dazzle Tac, dries clear, doesn't leave a bunch of residue like another jewelry glue I tried and hated (Aleene's Jewelry and Metal Glue- worst ever. Just don't.)


Spray paint the sticks in your choice of color in a well ventilated area. I spray paint outside in my pavilion. Let them dry completely.

Print out images on transparency paper or cut out circles in the diameter of your ball and put stickers on them. I did a combination of both.

Roll the circle gently, make sure the sticker is going to stay attached, and place inside your ball. Adjust as needed. I used a kabob stick to push the circles around and get them in the right spot.

Once the candlesticks are dry add a little glue around the opening of the ball and push into the candlestick. Let it dry.

Voila, cute and super easy crystal ball candlesticks.

 Color Changing Crystal Balls

Supply List

4 inch clear plastic Christmas ornament balls

Plastic Body Butter Container (most body butters and creams come in these containers- I had several empty JR Watkins and Avon ones)

Transparency Paper

Halloween Stickers or images to print on the transparency paper

Color changing LED tea light

Spray paint for the plastic container

Halloween fabric, a small piece of the creepy cheesecloth fabric that can be found at the dollar store

Optional - spray paint in mirror, iridescent, or white to give the balls a mirror, shimmer, or frosted effects. I used a light mirror effect on the one shown in the photo and video.

Accessories for the base. I had a clay skull and some resin cameos that I had made surplus supplies of. So I used those to decorate the base. You can add skulls, jewels or other small items to decorate the base.


Spray paint your base

Print out your images on transparency paper or cut out 4 inch circles and add stickers

When your base is dry add accessories.

Optional- paint your ball with mirror, frost, or iridescent spray paint- let it dry (tip- leave the ornament hanger on the ball that way you can hang it for easy painting and drying)

Place image inside ball

Place tealight in base, turn on

Put a piece of fabric over the light to dim it down and bit and hide the light

Place ball on base

Boom- super easy color changing crystal ball.

Next time I make these I want them to be fancier so I'm going to find the glass ornaments. I think Michael's has them and they don't have a seam like the plastic ones have.

I would also love to figure out how to make the candlestick ones light up and not look tacky with cords and wires showing. So I'll be researching that. So far all the lights I have tried are too big or they just don't fit where I need them to.

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