DIY Smoke Filled Crystal Ball- Halloween How-To

In my quest to make a crystal ball with swirling mist/smoke I ended up making 4 styles of crystal balls. (Check out the DIY for the mist filled one here)

Not all of them had smoke or mist I just happened to have new ideas while working on my original idea.

This one is relatively simple. The smoke is from an incense cone.

The smoke does not work as well as the diffuser. It is very subtle.

I'm not sure if it simply isn't vented enough or if my incense cones are old and damp from sitting in my basement, but they did not want to stay lit.

Perhaps you'll have better luck.

I'm going to purchase new incense and see if they work better.

What You'll Need:

6 inch glass globe from Menards or other home improvement store (Available in frosted or clear. I chose clear so I could put an image inside. They are available in the lighting department.)

Incense cones

Color changing tea light

Metal base (so the cone doesn't melt anything). A tuna can is perfect. I used an old metal butter tin. My grandma had a stack saved in the basement.

A small drill or an ice pick or something else pointy to poke holes in the can.

Drill and small drill bit made for glass 

Skulls or jewels to adorn your base. I had clay skulls that I had previously made with molds.

Hot glue gun and glue stick to attach your skulls or jewels to base.

Spray paint in your color choice. I used black because it is what I had on hand.

After everything dried I brushed white and gray acrylic paint over everything to give it an aged look.

Optional- Transparency paper and printer to create a skull or other image to put inside your globe. (Download a 6 inch globe ready version here.)


First you'll need to gather your materials.

Be sure to find a metal base for the globe. A tuna can is perfect.

Drill holes in the sides of the tuna can to vent the incense. Without proper venting the incense will not stay lit.

Carefully drill a tiny hole in the top of your globe, this is also for venting. Be sure to use a drill bit for glass and follow instructions.

Paint your base, take the can outside and spray the outside of it with spray paint. Let it dry completely.

Once dry decorate your base with skulls, jewels, or whatever you want.

Optional- Print out your skull, skeleton or other image on transparency paper. Let the ink dry for awhile before grabbing it from the tray or it will smear. 

Cut out the circle, roll it up then place inside the globe. It'll open into the circle. Adjust as needed.

Add your tea light.

Light your incense

Place your globe on the base

Turn out the lights and voila...color changing crystal ball with smoke

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  1. Ooh Groovy! I've always wanted my own glowing crystal ball!

    Happy Countdown!