Seeking Guest Bloggers

Seeking Guest Bloggers for Tarot Tuesdays; Halloween How To DIYs; Halloween Make Up Tips, Tricks and Tutorials; Haunted Places; and Halloween Recipes.  

Submission Details- 

Halloween DIYs, MakeUp, and Recipes should include lists of materials needed for the project or recipe along with detailed instructions. Include images as jpegs and embedded in the document. Please include a little intro about what you are creating along with a closing and a short bio with links to your website or social media.

Tarot Tuesday posts should be 500+ words and can be about anything relating to Tarot- history, types of decks, artwork discussion or creation, how to do readings, specific layouts for readings, divination for yourself using the cards, etc. Please include a short bio with links to your website or social media. 

Haunted Locations should be 500+ words detailing the location and the haunting. Please include images. Close with a short bio with links to your website or social media. 

If your guest blog is accepted you receive 2 months of sidebar advertising linking to your website, product, book, etc. Value $25

We're also accepting submissions for Halloween Events, Haunts, and more

All Things Halloween is happy to promote your Halloween haunt, event, website, book, costume, or product on our blog and social media. This is FREE.

We'll be doing blog features as well as link lists in the sidebar.

If you would like to be featured and have your link listed please submit details at or email

We are also open to sidebar advertising and review products.

Square sidebar ads are $25 each and will be live on the blog from the day you pay through Halloween.

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