Seeking Info- Flint's Haunted History and Flint's Most Haunted

Currently Seeking Flint's Most Haunted Locations and Haunted History Stories

Have you had a haunting experience in Flint, Michigan?

Please share your stories email 

I'm looking for ALL Flint ghost stories but I am also researching a few specific things listed below.

- Flint Park Amusement Park- photos, accidents and deaths at the park

- Tunnels Underneath Flint 

- 1932 shooting inside Glenwood Cemetery

- Murders tied to Knob Hill Mansion on Crescent Drive

              1933 socialite Grace MacDonald bludgeoned to death by her 17-year-old son, Balfe

              46 years later Helen Wirsing purchased the house but never moved in, she was shot to death by her 17-year-old son outside their Holly cottage.

- The Durant Hotel, female ghost reported in 1979

- CS Mott Wife’s Mysterious Death- Ethel Mott died in 1924 from a mysterious fall from a window, some say it was suicide, others suggest she may have been pushed

- Oak Grove Sanitarium where exactly was it- different articles claim Central High School, FIA, and other buildings in the cultural center sit on the former location

- General unsolved murder mysteries and strange tales about Flint Michigan

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