Halloween How To- Dress Up Your Halloween Party with DIY Wine Glass Charms

Wine glass charms are one of the absolute easiest crafty things you can do. You can really dress things up with little effort.

No beading or jewelry skills required. The hardest part is opening and closing the jump rings to add your charms.

Items Needed to Make 6 Wine Glass Charms:

Small beads with openings large enough to go over the wire. I use 4 beads per charm (6 charms = 24 beads, 2 colors so 12 of each color. I use glass seed beads size 6e from Michaels.

6 Focal charms- you can use a general Halloween theme or use charms specific to a unique theme. I made both a general Halloween theme set and a vampire themed set. Each wine glass with have a different charm- Haunted House, Fangs, Bite Me, Zombie, Witch Hat, Mask, Bat, etc.

6 metal hoops/wine glass charm rings that will fit around the bottom of a wine glass

2 pair of small needle nose pliers

6 small jump rings- you want the ring large enough to go over the wire but small enough that it will not go over the bead. You want the charms to stay between the beads and not move around.


Put jump rings on each of your focal charms. I do this by holding the jump ring with pliers in each hand and gently spreading the ring open. I put the charm in the ring then grip the ring with both sets of pliers and close it.

Determine the order you want your bead colors and charm then put your put two beads on the wire hoop

Add your charm

Add the second two beads

Close the hoop

Voila, your first charm is complete

Now repeat for the remaining 5 charms

See? Super easy.

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