Saturday April 7 April Ghoul's Day at the Flint Farmer's Market

Saturday April 7 at 11 AM - 4 PM
Flint Farmers' Market
300 E 1st St, Flint, Michigan 48502

Join us this coming Saturday at the Flint Farmer's Market in downtown Flint. The guys from Flint Horror Con and The Flint Horror Collective are hosting this amazing event filled with horror authors, artists and a musician.


Bewitching Creations is the artistic outlet for author and book publicist, Roxanne Rhoads. 


Kreatures of the Night are makeup and EFX specialists who have worked on movie sets, Halloween haunts and countless other cool projects. Airbrushed special effects makeup and creepy, cute, fantasy face and body painting!


Paul Counelis is an author and freelance writer for Rue Morgue, Fear Finder, Halloween Machine, Fright Times and other monster related publications.

His books for adults include the new pocket sized collection BLISSFUL IMPERFECTIONS (available for the first time at April Ghoul's Day!), the supernatural romp PEEPING TOM'S GHOST, the biographical tribute THE BRADBURY EXPERIMENT as well as a look at the paranormal myths and legends of Flint, HAUNTED FLINT.

He is also the author of the childrens' horror series KENDALL KINGSLEY, among other fun, scary books for kids. He is the lead singer of the horror rock band LORDS OF OCTOBER and a contributor to the GHOUL CAST podcast, a group of horror obsessed fiends who talk about scary movies and stuff every few weeks.


Chris Ringler is an author, blogger, artist, and creator of odd events living in Flint, Michigan. He began writing as a teenager and has received two honorable mentions in The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror, has been featured in BareBone, Horrible Disasters, Horror Addicts Guide to Life, and Cthulhu Sex Magazine, and won Best In Blood on Chris is the author of everything from dark horror to books for the kiddos.

Look to the sky, find the darkest point, and that my friends is where you can find him…when he isn’t dropping beats with mermen.


David Stashko is an Author, Musician and Director. Some of his works include the recovery based books "Roadways of my Recovery" and "Open Mind, Open Talk." He also writes and performs under the moniker "Lucifer Fulci" as a solo artist and with his band, LORDS of OCTOBER. His newest releases include a self titled solo album, "Equinox" by LORDS of OCTOBER and the books "The Elder Thing" and "Wormutanous."

Sarah Stashko is an artist and LORDS of OCTOBER make-up specialist and producer.

They recently completed the book, "The Halloween Society," which is a wonderful mix of THE GREAT PUMPKIN and THE HALLOWEEN TREE. They have also previously collaborated on their book, "The Night Before Halloween."


Part raconteur, artist, and musician, Josh Felty has ever been enthusiastic about the creative process. He was encouraged from a very early age by his single mother to look beyond the Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Kentucky, and therefore became both a voracious reader and a brassy, imaginative individual.

Having produced roughly four albums worth of original music and a plethora of unpublished short stories and screenplays, Josh's most recent works are a collection of short stories spanning sci-fi and horror to historical fiction and political essays titled "The Dark & Bloody Ground" He is currently working on a graphic novel titled "Wastelands," serving as both author and illustrator.


Joshua Burns is an author and game designer who grew up in a small town in Michigan. He was originally inspired to write by the Dragonlance book series and later took an interest in horror. Because of this, usually his work is a blend of both fantasy and horror. He still lives in that same small town with his family, constantly working on new projects.


Michele Roger is an author and harpist. Her books include, “The Conservatory,” and “Eternal Kingdom: A Vampire Story.” She is a founding member of the Wicked Women’s Writers Group and a content contributor to Look for her new Paranormal Mystery, “The Harpist: Cursed” this June.


J L Carey Jr. is a writer and an artist living in Michigan with his wife and three children. He is an Instructor of English and Art and holds an MFA in Creative Writing from National University and a BA in English from the University of Michigan with a concentration in writing. He is currently a journalist at East Village Magazine and has various stories and poems published in both print and online journals.

Books by J L Carey Jr:

Turning Pages, poems 2010
Callous, In Spring Selected Poems 2013
Repressions Poems 2015
Songs of Epigenesis Poems 2016
The Reflection of Elias Dumont Novel 2016
Astilla Short Fiction 2018


Matt Wansitler is a graphic novel artist, author and musician. He was heavily influenced by Bill Waterson's Calvin and Hobbes comic strips at a very young age and began drawing comics in middle school. His first graphic novel, the irreverent and hilariously satirical Exploder Motherfucker, was released a year ago at the first April Ghoul's Day.

Matt's newest release is a collection of horror stories written with horror author Paul Counelis called THEY SEE US and will be available for the first time at this year's April Ghoul's Day!

Matt also began playing music in middle school. Starting with the trumpet, and quickly picking up the piano, drums, bass guitar, and later, electric guitar. Matt is currently the drummer of horror punk/metal band, Lords of October.


Haley is the editor, writer, and wordsmith extraordinaire behind Haley’s Wordsmithing. She blends her passion for language and her love of people to provide services that help courageous and kind-hearted individuals share their stories. She knows the power of stories – that they can inspire, empower, teach, and even heal – and believes that such honest and vulnerable offering of our personal experiences can bring strangers together in harmony and understanding and, ultimately, change the world.

Haley has worked on everything from books and blogs to website content and poetry, and even offers video/audio-to-written options. Her editing credits include Elephant Journal featured articles, Forbes contributions, and Amazon top-sellers such as:

- “Success Redefined: Travel, Motherhood and Being the Boss” by Monique Alvarez 
- “Princess Bitch: The Sassy Guide to Relationships, Power, and Success” by Nicci Leigh
- “Single No More: Why You're Not Attracting the Partner You Want (And What to Do About It)” by Nick Breau


Josh Davis is an American horror author from Flint, Michigan. Since the age of eight, his passion was horror and scaring people with twisted worlds of his creation. He's appeared in four popular JEA anthologies including the Rejected for Content series. He is currently working on his own compilation of short stories titled 'A Cure of ADHD' and resides in Montrose with his fiance and two children.


Heath Lowrance is the author of the pyscho-noir novel The Bastard Hand, the short story collection Dig Ten Graves, and Hawthorne: Tales of a Weirder West. His short stories have been featured in many anthologies and magazines. He currently (and proudly) calls Flint home.


I write fiction and am currently working on a book of short syfy stories. The name of the book will be, ‘Near Future.’ The first story is called, ‘The Transporter,’ and I would love to share it and any of my other stories as free .pdf files. Just send me an email.

I’ve also completed three novels of occult fiction, Marilyn, Leigh Paul, and Bones. Also, a storybook for adults with dogs called, ‘Tales of a Practical Dog.’


Ryan Lieske is an award-winning writer and filmmaker who lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is currently at work on way more stories than he has time for but is determined to tell them all. He loves cats, ice cream, reading books, watching movies, listening to post-punk and industrial music WAY too loudly for his age, and is pretty much interested in everything and is never at a loss for things to write about or obsess over. He doesn't sleep well and thinks mornings should be outlawed. "FICTION" is his first novel.


A childhood spent devouring episodes of The Twilight Zone after dark would ultimately spark his interest in horror and science fiction, a genre where he could mold his own bloodthirsty monsters. Tom began writing his first stories in front of the television while watching the latest 1960s-era Creature Features.

In high school, he turned to journalism to help hone his craft, covering local sports for the Pontiac-Waterford Times and later the Oakland Press. After earning his bachelor’s degree in Communications from Oakland University, he continued freelancing for newspapers around the state.

Toms first novel, “The Lighthouse,” was released in 2000. His three young children were forbidden from reading it at the time, which just piqued their interest even more. “Fire Sale,” a quirky read about the dangers of disturbing an ancient Indian burial ground, grew out of an idea from his brother, Tim. Since then, Tom has published two related books titled “The Sisigwad Papers” and “Fire Sale Tales.”

Tom wrote much of his vampire novel “Shadows in the Dark” while going through Chemotherapy in 2007 for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. He is now grateful to be in remission. His latest works include a collection short stories called “From Paradise to Hell” and novel “White-Out,” released this spring.

His love of storytelling also led him to help form two writers' groups.The Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers is still growing strong and publishing its tenth anthology in as many years.

Tom lives in Waterford, Mich., with his lovely wife, Colleen, their dog, Marley, and two mischievous cats.


Valarie Kinney is a writer, fiber artist and Renaissance Festival junkie with a wicked caffeine addiction. She resides in Michigan with her husband, four children, and two insane little dogs. She is the author of Heckled, Slither, Just Hold On, and the Secrets of Windy Springs series, as well as short stories in various anthologies.

MIKE ROLAND from the band Mercy Beach to APRIL GHOUL'S DAY! Mike will play us a few spooky cool acoustic songs, including the amazingly creeptastic "My Pet Monster". Check out the fantastic video for that song here!

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