Seeking Info Flint Ghost Stories, History, and Mysteries

I am compiling a collection of ghost stories that take place in Flint. 

I am currently looking for details about a few specific places in the Flint area- history, mysteries, mysterious deaths, deaths on site, stories about hauntings and weird activity. 

Bervean Apartments
318 W 2nd Street

Cornwall Building
624 S Grand Traverse

The Dryden Building
601 Saginaw Street

Whaley House
624 E Kearsley Street

Stockton Center at Spring Grove
720 Ann Arbor Street

The Capital Theatre
140 E 2nd St

Flint Amusement Park (closed in the 1960s) and 
Flint Park Lake (also known as Devil's Lake)

Please contact me with details or complete the form below.

If you have any ghost stories about other Flint locations please complete the form below.

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