Most Haunted Places in the US

Every city has ghosts, some more than others. Places that have seen battles, horrible disasters, and deadly histories are reported to be the most haunted.

New Orleans, Louisiana; San Francisco, California; Savannah, Georgia; Athens, Ohio; Chicago, Illinois; Washington D.C.; Portland, Oregon; Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; Galveston, Texas; and Baltimore, Maryland are often considered to be America’s top ten most haunted cities. Salem, Massachusetts and Charlotte, North Carolina often make the lists for America’s Most Haunted cities, too.

All these cities have seen their share of disasters, battles, and shady dealings like Chicago’s Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre.

Such pain and suffering are sure to leave a mark. From feelings of unease, to reports of ghostly specters and terrifying encounters- the stories of hauntings in these cities are sometimes scarier than the history that created the ghosts.

What haunted places have you visited or heard about? 

I've been to a couple of America's Most Haunted Cities- New Orleans, Chicago, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Gettysburg... but I never seen any ghosts or had any weird experiences. 

Not that I was looking for them plus I wasn't in any of the locations for long. Some were literally- oh look at that (at whatever tourist thing we were at) then it was time to go.

New Orleans I've been to twice. That city definitely has a feeling... an energy that makes you believe there is more than what your eyes can see. Magic, spirits, is in the air.

Gettysburg...standing at the battlefield is overwhelming. You feel the weight of what happened there. I stayed in Gettysburg for around a week. I could feel the history and energy of the place but no spirits came and said hi. Which is probably a good thing. 

Savannah is on my must visit list. Southern architecture, history, and ghost stories...yes please- and of course Salem is on my list of cities to visit. All the witchy stores and that statue of Bewitched's Samantha? That's a must.

What haunted cities are on your ghost hunting list of places to visit?

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