DIY Halloween Costumes- Remaking Skirts

A couple years ago I made a steampunk creation out of two skirts. I love remaking and recreating costumes out of existing pieces. My sewing skills are not very advanced so making a costume from scratch is out of the question. But I can take existing items and remake them into something awesome.

Like my steampunk skirt.

For the first version of this costume I ripped apart two skirts and turned them into a Victorian Inspired overskirt and a front panel ruffle bustle. I trimmed the outer edges of the bronze overskirt with black lace and trimmed each layer of the ruffles on the gold skirt with black lace. I attached the two skirt pieces together with snaps.

I didn't like that the front panel was a lot shorter than the overskirt so I had to wear a long black lacy skirt underneath the two panels.

Last summer I found another skirt that I could use for a front panel, a shimmery bronze beauty. So off to cutting, ripping and recreating I went.

The first costume was paired with a gold bolero jacket. 

Cute but not exactly the look I wanted. Very gold and good witch. Which was fine since my theme for The Witches Ball was simply "magick".

But I really wanted more of a steampunk look. And with my newest creation I got it.

I LOVE it. 

I combined the bronze skirt with a black and brown striped corset, 
brown top and black lace bolero jacket. 

Now that's a steampunk look. I can't wait to add more steampunk accessories in the future.

The two bronze skirts look so much better than the bronze and gold and it goes all the way to the floor. I also switched to buttons to hold them together this time instead of snaps. Last time the snaps kept popping open. 

Good thing I was wearing another skirt underneath the first creation when the snaps popped because at one point the entire thing came off. LOL

With the buttons I had no oops or problems with the skirt coming undone. However I still wore leggings underneath, just in case.

I also made the lace mask and the mini witch hat. 

Lace masks are available in my Etsy store, similar hats also available including the cat cameo hat and sugar skull cameo hat.

The 2017 Witches Ball theme was Victorian Masquerade. I think my steampunk-ish costume fit in pretty well.

2018's theme is a Gothic Sweetest Day. I'm thinking something red and black for this year's costume. My creative mind is working on something....not quite sure what yet.

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