Halloween Season Officially Kicks Off for Me Sunday

If you follow me on Instagram you probably see all the spooky things I make- hats, jewelry, home decor- most of it is Halloween or Goth themed.

This year I'll be selling my spooky items at a bunch of events.

I have TONS of stuff- necklaces, chokers, bracelets, mini top hats, mini witch hats, lace face masks, hair barrettes, haunted hair clips, keychains, chalkboards, serving trays, spirit boards, coffin lights, hanging ornaments, potion bottles, coffin shadowboxes....  Check out my Bewitching Creations Facebook Page to see photos of my items.

My Halloween season officially starts Sunday with my first event Haunted Halls and Magickal Marketplace. Sunday September 30 at 10 AM – 6 PM at the Holiday Inn Flint - Grand Blanc, 5353 Gateway Centre, Flint, Michigan 48507.

It is only $5 to get into the marketplace where you'll find all kinds of spooky vendors, tarot readers, psychics and more. The marketplace is part of Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention. You do not need a ParaCon ticket ($50) to get into the marketplace, though if you do already have a ParaCon ticket your marketplace admission is free.

Saturday October 6th I'll be vending at Witches Night Out in Fowlerville, MI  the event is from 3 PM - 11 PM.

Saturday, October 20 I'll be at the Witches Bazaar from 9 AM - 3 PM
at the Royalty House Banquet Facility, 8201 E 13 Mile Rd ,Warren, Michigan 48093

A Magical Shopping Experience FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

Here are a few of my latest creations.

Malevolent by S. Peters-Davis - Haunted Halloween Spooktacular

A Kendra Spark Novel
Book Two
S. Peters-Davis

Genre: Supernatural, Suspense-thriller, Romance

Publisher: BWL Publisher

Date of Publication: August 10, 2018


Number of pages: E-book length: 150  
Number of pages: Print length: 195
Word Count: 57,500

Cover Artist:  Michelle Lee

Tagline: Trafficked girls marked to lose their souls by a malevolent supernatural entity require someone with explicit abilities for their rescue. Will Kendra be able to save them?

Book Description:

Kendra Spark, suspense-mystery writer and communicator with the dead, signs on to the next FBI Special Task Force case, trafficked girls that are marked to lose their souls.

Jenna Powers, ghostified criminal analyst, sticks close to the case as she and Kendra are also marked by the same malevolent supernatural force.

Derek Knight, lead FBI Agent on this case, learns of the malevolent entity and the deeper paranormal realm of danger.

Kendra’s unfiltered feelings for Derek struggle to take a backseat, and as the menacing threat grows more intense, so does her passion for Derek.

Derek faces uncertainties he’s never dealt with in his past, like malicious entities and the loss of his heart to love. How can he protect Kendra against forces he can’t see?    

As boundless supernatural danger intertwines with the future reality of the trafficked teens, Kendra and Jenna realize only they can shoulder the rescue by calling in a voodoo priestess…

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Excerpt 1:  804 word/count   Kendra Spark’s point of view

I expected Derek to grab the suitcase. Instead, his arms wrapped around my waist. His spicy-wood scent filled the air around me as he drew my body into his. I rose on my toes to meet his gaze, and his lips gently touched mine, turning into a crush of passion that sent sparks of pleasure to every part of me. His moan slipped between my lips followed by the tip of his tongue. A tremor quaked downward, to the bottom of my belly, his lips trembled as our breaths meshed.
Vanilla sweetened the air, indicating Jenna was back. “Good grief, Sparky. You’re steaming up the windows.”
I opened my eyes. Jenna stood beside us. With a regretful groan and shaken with emotions, I pressed my palms to Derek’s chest to gain some distance. A distance I should have been compelled to follow for a working relationship. Our kiss hinted at something greater, and I wasn’t ready to dive that deep. At least, not yet. “Jenna thinks we’re steaming up the windows.”
Derek sighed. “Jenna, your timing is impeccable. Or, rather it stinks.” He looked around the room as if attempting to hone in on where she might be standing. Our communication improved ten-fold with Derek’s knowledge and acceptance of Jenna’s spirit still being earthbound.
I pointed. “She’s beside you.”
He shook his head, face flushed, as he took a deep man-breath. “I’ll get this loaded in the car while you finish packing your carry-on.” He lifted the suitcase off the bed and instead of allowing it to roll on its wheels, he carried it outside.
I looked at Jenna. “We’re headed back to D.C. Two dead Hispanic girls were found on a North Carolina beach, one washed up two weeks ago and another this morning. FBI task force called in to investigate. They believe it’s related to the container truck of girls found on Friday…or was that Saturday?” 
“I know Merretti has something to do with this.  Let’s go prove it.” Jenna sashayed to the bedroom window facing the roadside of the house, where Derek loaded the suitcase. “Told you he’d get animated if you kissed him. You two are sexy together, you know that?” Her belly laugh echoed in the room, even after she shimmered out of sight. Hearing her after she’d disappeared was a new ability, something to ask her about.
I shuffled through my carry-on, discarded a few things I didn’t need and added new items I might want. Not knowing the length of time I’d be staying in D.C. made packing a bit difficult, plus the fact I needed to include my laptop and notebooks for novel writing. I committed to a new series of books and the first one was due the end of August, but the publicist wanted the cover and blurb at least a month earlier. Not an easy feat when I hadn’t even started character sketches or plotting.
“Is this it then?” Derek slung the strap of the laptop storage bag over his shoulder, along with my carry-on. “Is Jenna still here?”
“No, she’s gone.” I looked around, thinking of anything I might have missed, but my mind kept skittering between Derek, the new case, Jenna, and my writing commitments.
Derek’s brows drew inward as he eyed my face. “You haven’t caught up on your sleep, have you?” He grabbed my upper arm to lead me along.
“Not really. Have you?” I clicked off lights and locked the lakeside door as we made our way out the driveway entry. His fingers remained around my arm as he guided me to the SUV, reminding me of all the times we were together in D.C. and North Carolina.
He opened the passenger door. “I’ve slept, but probably not enough. Climb in while I set this in the back.”
I settled in the seat and sent a quick text off to Denise and Lexi, telling them I was leaving and not sure when I’d be back. I asked if they would mind doing what they did last week for me. I sent another one off to Sharon, my writing accountability partner. I’d sent her the details of my contract with Knixton, so she had a good idea of how pinched for time I would be if this case took too long.
Derek started the vehicle and headed toward the main road. “We’re booked on a flight to D.C. There may be a few other agents on the plane, not more than ten people, so you should be able to catch a couple hours of sleep.”
Like I would get any sleep with Derek sitting next to me. Being near him seemed more of a challenge, deflecting his magnetic draw. I wondered if being away from him had something to do with it like absence makes the heart grow fonder.

About the Author:

S. Peters-Davis writes multi-genre stories, but loves penning a good page-turning suspense-thriller, especially when it’s a ghost story and a romance. When she’s not writing, editing, or reading, she’s hiking, RV’ing, fishing, playing with grandchildren, or enjoying time with her favorite muse (her husband) in Southwest Michigan.

She also writes YA paranormal, supernatural novels as DK Davis.

BWL Publishing Inc.: http://bookswelove.net/

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Freaky Flint History with Joe Schipani: Fear of War Seizure February 19th, 1917

Flint is well known for its modern violent crimes but Flint's history is filled with little known stories that read stranger than fiction. Gruesome murders, weird accidents, and violent deaths. Join us every Thursday as Joe Schipani details some of the odd but true deaths he found in Flint's archives.

Fear of War Seizure February 19th, 1917

On a cold Monday morning, factory worker Daniel Skinder left work early to withdraw money from the bank.

He had emigrated from Austria and had only been in the US for about six months. With the country at war he was afraid the United States government would seize his bank account.

He withdrew about eight hundred dollars and hid it in a custom made belt under his clothes. He was saving money so his wife and kids could come to the US.

Daniel road the streetcar to work, he exited about a quarter mile from the Mason Motor factory.

Daniel walked down Industrial Avenue along the Buick City border, it was still dark out. When he arrived at the train tracks he was struck in the head and beaten to the ground.

A watchman at Buick City saw two men jabbing at an object but could not see what the object was. After about ten minutes the two men fled the scene and went running down the tracks.

After the men ran off, the watchman investigated and found Daniel beaten to death.

The watchman pulled out his gun and fired a few shots. A nearby officer heard the shots and quickly arrived on scene. The watchman told him about the two men and the officer called for backup.

The police found a metal rod with a large nut tied to it covered in blood and believed it to be the murder weapon.

An officer visited the boarding house on Easy Street where Daniel was renting a room. He spoke to the owner of the boarding house and got information about the suspects. The owner thought it was odd that two men had returned home so early.

During a search blood was found spattered on their shoes and in their rooms the officer found clothes covered in blood.

The men were laid off work and desperate for money. They must have learned of Daniel’s plan to withdraw the money from the bank.

The two men were arrested and convicted of murder.

One of the men was Daniel’s nephew Joe.  

~ Joe Schipani is the Executive Director of the Flint Public Art Project and the FFAR Project Assistant at the Community Foundation of Greater Flint.  Find him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/HauntedFlint/ 

Frightfully Fun Halloween Food with Carolyn M. Walker

Truth be told, I am obsessed with all things Halloween and it is my favorite time of year! Since I was a young child, I’ve adored the idea of the one night a year when all things spooky were embraced! And Halloween is one of those times when I can just go crazy! I love food and gatherings, so decorating the house, throwing Halloween parties and enjoying all the frightfully fun things happening around town is kinda my thing! Today, I’m going to share a few of my favorite crafts and foods I love to do for beloved Halloween!

Some easy crafts I do are making my own “potion” or “witches’ brew” bottles. They are easy to make and can be done with just about any glass container. For these, I used old soap dispensers, a small vase, a wine bottle, and a few corkscrew jars from the dollar store. The labels were easy to find in a set and cost about $2 from Wal-Mart. You can also make your own! Fill with water and food coloring, or whatever and boom, you’ve got yourself some great decorations to set the mood for the season.

One year, I threw a little party for my daughter and her friends, so I decided to make some scary finger foods and treats. I was going to do orange and black label cards but then I decided custom decorated ones would be better. I printed them out on decorative design printer paper, pasted them to cardstock, then cut them into whatever shape I wanted. Lastly, I simply taped a wooden skewer to the back for easy placement. These signs were cute with the snacks and are reusable!

Here’s some of the treats I made. All were a hit! 

Below are “Monster Fingers” made from mozzarella string cheese cut to finger size. I used the knife to cut little “finger creases” in it, added almond slivers for the nails, followed by red icing gel for the blood.

These “Bones ‘n Blood” were made from pulling apart crescent roll dough to about (each piece three inches long), then tying each end so it looks like a bone. I then baked them as usual and served it with a side of warmed marinara “blood!”

Bat cupcakes are my fave and beyond easy to make! I just baked a batch of devil’s food cupcakes like normal and iced them in chocolate icing. Next, I snapped some fudge-stripped shortbread cookies in half and stuck them into the cupcake for wings. Lastly, I used a Hershey kiss for the face and two dots of red icing gel for the bats’ eyes.

These easy “coffin bites” were simply ham and cheese sandwiches cut into the shape of coffins, then I wrote on them with black icing gel.

These were store-bought but still great! I simply baked sugar cookies as instructed then sprinkled them with orange and black sprinkles while still warm. The kids loved them!

Immortal Descent
Carolyn M. Walker

Book Genre: Adult Urban Fantasy

Release Date: 4/3/2018

Publisher: Clean Reads / Astrea Press

Book Description:

Deep in the caves of rural Western Germany, the truth about immortality has remained a secret for centuries, but now that secret is about to break free...

Ethan West knows what it means to be different. With a haunted past and a strange sixth sense he sometimes can’t control, Ethan’s in search of a better future. Instead, he’s brutally attacked. Narrowly saved by the beautiful and mysterious Rue, Ethan quickly learns the world is darker and more bizarre than he had ever imagined. And sparing his life comes with a price: being reborn immortal. Now, a dark faction of ancient, cursed immortal beings known as Lorns are after him. And they want his rare, newly awakened soul.

Descended from the mythological Nephilim, Lorns are bound by either the divine force of order or the mortal force of chaos. Ethan is a rarity, bound by neither, yet he is ruled by both. Now, wielding an ancient and volatile power, Rue and her Alliance work to keep Ethan from spiraling out of control. At the heart of a terrifying underground war between Lorns, Ethan becomes the target of one side and a savior to the other. Amid everything, Ethan struggles to understand his own purpose and power—an ordeal that tests his loyalties, beliefs, and sanity in ways unimaginable. And the greatest danger is yet to come.

About the Author:

Carolyn M. Walker is a California native and lover of all things literary. As an avid reader, she always enjoying new and exciting reads. Now as an avid storyteller, it is her mission to bring that same joy to her beloved readers. After earning her Bachelors in English Literature and Psychology, Carolyn went on to pen the draft for her first fiction novel and hasn’t looked back since. Aside from writing, she is also passionate about art, food, travel, history, and music. Carolyn has a soft spot for holiday cooking and loves experimenting with new recipes and treats. She also loves the beach, snorkeling and diving. Carolyn now lives in sunny Florida with her husband and daughter.


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Halloween How To: DIY Crystal Ball with Swirling Mist

I had this vision of a crystal ball filled with swirling smoke and a ghostly image appearing inside it. 

So I started looking up DIY tutorials. 

I did not find what was I was looking for. Everything was either very complicated and featured Madame Leota from The Haunted Mansion or was a ball full of swirling liquid that would have to be shook up to get it to swirl, kinda like a snow globe.

I started brainstorming. I'm not very techie so the design had to be simple. I knew dry ice was out because if you put it in an enclosed space you get a bomb. I didn't want to shatter a glass globe.

Fog machines would require too much tubing to direct the fog into the globe. I suppose it could work but I really didn't want to go there unless it was a last resort.

My first idea was a fountain mister. So I found a cheap one on Amazon, got it and was super disappointed. The cheap thing was so light it would not stay in the water, it fell over and tried to float. 

So I returned it and found a fountain mister from a pond supply store.

The idea kinda worked. The mister had lights so I got changing light and mist all in one. Sort of.

I hooked everything up, turned it on and got a lot of water and droplets but the mist all pooled in the box under the globe. My husband even drilled a small hole in the top of the globe to get more air flow hoping the mist would rise into the globe.

Nope. Didn't work as I had hoped. 

See video below.

Back to brainstorming and then I had a light bulb moment.

A diffuser!

I had a couple small essential oil diffusers which put out a light mist. Much lighter and foggier and less watery than the fountain mister.

Bingo, ding ding ding we have a winner!!!

The photos don't do it justice but if you watch the video you can see the steamy mist swirling in the globe.

During my design and creation process I ended up making 4 styles of crystal balls. 3 are grouped in the photo below. 

This one is by far the hardest so it is the first I'll give you instructions for.

What You'll Need:

6 inch glass globe from Menards or other home improvement store (Available in frosted or clear. I chose clear so I could put an image inside. They are available in the lighting department.)

Small diffuser. Some are color changing. If yours is you may not need another light. If not add a small color changing light. I used a small submersible LED tealight.

Wood to create a box over your diffuser.  

Paint in your color choice. I used black because it is what I had on hand.

Transparency paper and printer to create a skull or other image to put inside your globe. (Like the skull in the photo? Download a 6 inch globe ready version here.)


First you'll need to gather your materials.

Then you'll need a base for the globe, something large enough to cover the diffuser.

My husband made a simple wood box just large enough to put over the diffuser. 

Cut a round hole in the center of the top to place the globe inside. 

If you have a sturdy cardboard or plastic box that is the right size you could use that instead. The cardboard might get damp so it is not the best choice but you can paint it to make it a little more waterproof.

Print out your image on transparency paper. Let the ink dry for awhile before grabbing it from the tray or it will smear. 

Cut out the circle, roll it up then place inside the globe. It'll open into the circle. Adjust as needed.

Fill your diffuser with water and place on a water proof surface. Turn it on.

Add your tea light.

Place your globe base box over everything.

Place your globe on top, turn out the lights and voila...color changing crystal ball with swirling mist.

The Last Hellfighter by Thomas S. Flowers - Haunted Halloween Spooktacular

The Last Hellfighter
Thomas S. Flowers

Genre: Historical Fiction/Horror

Publisher: Darker Worlds Publishing

Date of Publication: Aug 10, 2018

ISBN: 1724369202

Number of pages: 277 (Kindle)
410 (paperback)

Word Count: 78K

Cover Artist: Michael Bray

Tagline: They thought vampires were fantasy. They were wrong.

Book Description:

In the year 2044, reporters from the Public Relations Ministry gather at the home of Benjamin Harker, the last surviving member of the Harlem Hellfighters. At the age of 144, he is the oldest recorded man alive. Hidden among them, Clyde Bruner is looking for a different kind of story. Across the United States, despite the Great Walls and patrol drones built to keep America secure, something has found its way in. And now towns are vanishing during the night. Entire populations, gone. Only to return after the sun sets, changed, unholy, and lethal. And whatever this evil is, its spreading west.

According to a bedtime story Bruner’s grandfather told him when he was a boy, Benjamin Harker has seen this before. He’s faced this scourge. Fought this evil. Survived them. Killed them. From the trenches of the Great War to the jungles of Vietnam to the sands of Iraq, Harker will search his past to save our future.

But as each city light extinguishes across the country, is there no time left to stop what’s coming?


“Hey, Mr. Green. Any ships due in tonight?”
“Huh?” the older man grunted, his full attention glued to the small box television set. Family Feud was on and Silas never missed an episode. As long as Julius had worked with him at least, in these past four months on the night shift, the seasoned longshoreman who acted very content with his life—who moved slow and never liked causing “trouble,” as he called it, to his superiors, could recite the most complex trivia questions.
Julius looked back to his monitor. Part of his job was to watch for ships that may have wandered off course, or even scheduled docks on the quay. The program displayed on his monitor was linked to AIS Marine database that monitored all vessel traffic around the world. He kept the screen displaying his assigned port—which showed a few red, which meant docked and inactive. The one that concerned him was another ship, inbound and blinking green.
“Mr. Green?” Julius pressed. 
The older black man sighed loudly, turning away from his small TV screen. “What? Why the hell would—listen son, you can’t let this job spook you. Working nights on the dock, I know, the long hours can get to you. But trust me, this sure beats working days out in that sun all day offloading ships.”
“But look,” the younger longshoreman pointed his screen.
Frowning, Silas rolled his chair over to the computer monitor. The green blinking ship reflected off his thick glasses. He pushed them back up on his nose, “That ain’t nothing, probably just a glitch in the system.”
Julius looked at the screen and then out the large window that overlooked the Port of Jerusalem. He’d just moved to town not more than six months prior from Bangor and he wanted to make a good impression.
“Okay,” the younger man said.
Silas nodded in quiet victory and rolled back over to watch his show.
Julius continued glaring at the blinking green ship as it approached the port on the screen. He swallowed hard as it inched closer and closer. He glanced at the old man as he howled at some man on the TV having missed a question that Silas thought was a “no brainer.”  On the monitor, the green blinking ship was upon them. Beads of sweat dripped down his forehead.
And closer.
“Mr. Green, I don’t think is a glitch,” Julius protested.
Exhaling loudly, Silas stood and turned. “Listen, young blood, I’ve been doing this job for twenty years and I’ve never heard of no ship coming in that wasn’t on the manifest.”
Julius shrugged. “Yeah, but…” he gestured to the screen.
“There is no ship coming—”
Just outside, a large wave crashed against the port levee walls. A thunderous metallic screech vibrated off the walls of the little trailer office on the wharf. Manuals and notebooks and ship logs fell from the shelves as the ground itself felt as if it was opening. The small TV still playing Family Feud rattled off the table and crashed to the floor, sizzling out. The florescent bulbs above them burst raining shards of glass and casting the room into a yellow gloom. The horrendous grinding seemed to go on forever, shaking and shuddering the world.
And then it was over.
Silas Green was the first to prop himself off the floor. Looking around cautiously, as if any wrong move would send the world into chaos again.
Julius propped himself up, moving into a crouch. He peeked through the blinds. “What the heck was that?”
“Shit!” the older man hissed.
Julius glanced over his shoulder at him. “What? You okay?”
Silas held up what remained of his TV. “No, damn tube is busted.”
Shaking his head, Julius peered back out the blinds. “I think we should go check the dock.” He stood, not waiting for approval and went through the door of the office.
“Hold on, young blood.” Silas gave the TV a final kiss—he’d had the device for more years than he cared to confess, and then set it down on the floor as gently as he could. Standing, he opened the bottom drawer of his desk and retrieved a flashlight.
Outside, Silas trotted to catch up with Julius who was standing at the edge of the wharf looking up into the gloom.
“Somethings out there,” the young man said.
Silas wafted the fog around his head. “Can’t see shit out here.”
“Use the flashlight,” Julius suggested without taking his gaze from in front of him.
“Oh,” Silas grunted, flicking on the switch. A beam of bright white broke apart the misty smoke like haze. He shined out toward the wharf and at first still could not see anything. And then the fog parted as if controlled by some unknown force, separating and unfolding around a large cargo ship.
Silas traced the hull to the edge of the ship deck. “Mother of God,” he whispered, taken back by the sudden massive size of the ship. He’d never been this close to one. The larger vessels normally dock at Freeport. 
Julius stepped toward him, asking, “What do we do?”
The older man couldn’t think—this wasn’t on the schedule, the ship manifest, nothing. This ship shouldn’t be here. The harbourmaster would have said something. Hell, his superintendent would have damn sure said something. It would have been on the log. Silas moved the beam of light to the wharf itself, noting the broken shards of rock in the thick cement and the thick crack in the hull of the ship. It was taking on water for sure—it hadn’t even bothered slowing down. It ploughed into the quay. But why? Wasn’t there someone steering this damn thing? This wasn’t right. Something about this—everything about this wasn’t right.
“Mr. Green?” Julius pressed, whispering hotly.
Silas looked at him, the kid was rattled; he was rattled. He took a deep breath. “Okay, listen, I’m going to call this in—pray the lines in the office are still operating. Here, take the flashlight.” He handed it to Julius. “Stay put, yell out if you see anyone. Some dumbass is going to pay bigtime for this screwup and it ain’t going to be you or me.”
He gave one final glance at the monstrous freighter and started off for the office. Inside, he could use the phone on the floor. He scooped it up and dialed his supervisor.
“Green, there better be a good fucking reason why you’re calling me at—” Silas’s superintendent started through the speaker of the phone.
“A ship crashed into the port,” Silas blurted.
“A ship, some damn cargo ship. Large motherfucker.”
“Are you fucking with me?”
“No, I ain’t fucking with you, sir. A cargo ship crashed into the port, took a good-sized chunk out of our wharf too.”
“Was it on the manifest?”
“No—that’s what I’m saying. This ship ain’t supposed to be—”
A scream from outside on the dock jarred Silas from the phone.
“Julius, what the hell was that?”
“Green, what’s going on?” his superintendent asked, sounding more and more irritated.
“Hold on, sir.” Silas set down the phone, ignoring the muffled protest from his superintendent on the line. He glared at the open door and crept toward it. There were no other sounds, and he didn’t like that one bit.
Stepping outside he called, “Julius?”
It was hard to see through the fog as it rolled across the walkway.
Silas squinted, peering through the gloom turned yellow by the glow of the dock lights. “Julius, what’s going on?” he called to the dark shape in front of him.
And then he heard it.
A sucking sound.
He stopped.
The dark shape unfolded.
The fog parted slightly, revealing a tall, bald woman with pale skin. Her eyes burned red. She was looking at him with an expression of mild satisfaction, the look of a thirsty soul finally getting a cup of water. She was holding Julius, cradling him almost as if they were dancing.
“Who are—” Silas started, until he saw her teeth, her large fanged front teeth, salivating in blood. He took a step back as she let Julius go. His body crumbled to the wet dock.
“No,” Silas managed to say, like a child refusing to go to bed.

And then she was upon him. 

About the Author:

Who doesn't love a good story? Thomas's favorite books include All Quiet on the Western Front, Salem's Lot, and Hell House.

In his own writings, he aspires to create fantastic worlds with memorable characters and haunted places. His stories range from Shakespearean gore, classic monster tales, and even stories that hurt him the most to write about, haunted soldiers and PTSD. Residing in the swamps of Houston, Texas, with his wife and daughter, Thomas's debut novel, Reinheit, was eventually published with Shadow Work Publishing, along with Lanmò, The Hobbsburg Horror, FEAST, Beautiful Ugly, and Planet of the Dead.

His veteran focused paranormal thriller series, The Subdue Series, filled with werewolves, Frankenstein-inspired monsters, cults, alter-dimensional insects, witches, and the undead are published with Limitless Publishing.

In 2008, Thomas was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army where he served three tours in Operation Iraqi Freedom. In 2014, Thomas graduated from University of Houston-Clear Lake with a Bachelors in History. He is the senior editor at Machine Mean, a site that reviews horribly awesome and vintage horror movies and books from guest contributors who obsess over a wide range of strange yet oddly related topics.

Newsletter Sign Up https://bit.ly/2onPLYV

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